Spend a stylish Christmas at home with blogger Kat Tanita

With Love From Kat Christmas
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Spend a stylish Christmas at home with blogger Kat Tanita

By With Love From Kat

It feels so good to be back in Arizona reunited with my family.

There are so many special traditions my family shares on Christmas. The morning is always my favorite. I try to sleep in...but never can! I wake up to the smell of mulling spices burning on the stove and walk into the kitchen to find my mom baking away. She has everything laid out - fresh fruit, quiche, belgian waffles, chocolate chip muffins and scones. We eat a huge breakfast that tides us over to dinner.

After breakfast we open our stockings and unwrap presents under the tree. We reminisce about past Christmases and laugh about the gifts we asked for -- American Girl dolls, *N Sync CDs, Pogs (remember those?). Then we usually relax or go to a movie.

Later, we get dressed up and head to my aunt's house for her annual Christmas party. My sister and I catch up with our family members, meet new ones (my grandfather was 1 of 14 and my dad 1 of 6) and then we eat, eat, eat! We all end up in a food coma around 9, so we say our goodbyes and head home.

When we get home there's always Christmas music playing in the background and a faint scent of mulling spices in the air. I'm usually out like a light the second my head hits the pillow. I hope you're enjoying your own family traditions and I wish you a very Merry Christmas! x
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