Skip The Store: Make $8 DIY Bracelets

DIY $8 Bracelet
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Skip The Store: Make $8 DIY Bracelets
Head to the craft store for yarn. It's easy to find great colors for only 35 cents each. Don't worry about choosing a color, pick up a few colors and play with the ones that work best.
In order to weave a string of gems onto a bracelet, fold the length of string in half to form a loop. The loop should be able to fit around the clasp of the bracelet.
Nailpolish is a DIYers best weapon. Paint on diamond accessories for a colorful effect. Alternating between every other gem adds a touch of contrast.
Create a variety of different bracelet bands for fun friendship bracelet fashion. There are so many colors and accessories like studs and beads to choose from in order to really make it your own.
Wear a variety of friendship bracelets for a little arm candy fun! Since it's so inexpensive to buy the materials and easy to make while watching TV, you'll create a ton before you even realize it.

StyleList Contributor Kailani's Korner shows us the perks of getting crafty! Here, she shows us easy bracelets to DIY for $8 or less just in time for summer.

"I am excited to start experimenting with different designs and adding a little personal flair to each. The little diamonds were only $1 and the black string was $2.99. With all of the materials I bought at Michaels over the weekend, I made several bracelets for under $8.00. It's simple and it is the perfect craft to do while watching a movie or tv during the week."

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