Tips for shopping summer sales

Everywhere I look right now, it seems like there's another summer sale screaming my name. And while, budget-wise, this is a great time to shop, the temptation of low prices can lead to purchases you may otherwise not have made. So, I thought I'd share my post-fourth of July shopping rules with you.

Nothing that can't be worn through the fall. Hear me out on this. While there's some people out there who are okay buying a bathing suit and only getting to wear it a few times then saving it until next year - I'm someone who (once I fall in love with an item) wants to wear it again and again immediately.

So before I hit that 'buy' button, I ask myself - how will I wear it now? And how will I wear it later? If I can come up with a few solid outfits for each occasion - I'm free to buy. Right now that means dressy shorts instead of distressed denim versions, pretty printed tops, caged heeled sandals instead of flat sandals and simple silhouette dresses are all on my sale-section radar.

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