26 grown-up backpacks to shop right now

Grown Up Backpacks
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Thanks to the ingenuity of fashion's top designers, backpacks are making a stylish comeback, and in a very grown up way. We've seen them in luxe fabrics, sleek silhouettes, exotic skins, and even studded, jeweled, and adorned. These slingers aren't reserved for the school yard anymore.

With all of the '90s trends that have been creeping back into scene, we aren't surprised that backpacks have finally caught on. Plus, with all of the crap we insist on carrying around everyday, it only makes sense for designers to create a stylish transportation method for our so-called necessities.

So for all you ladies still in school, leave your LL Bean at home this semester and opt for one of these more mature and stylish book carriers. And for you women of the working world, these bags definitely fly in the office. Don't worry, you'll still look like the successful, career woman that you are (just a little bit cooler).
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