Shop Kathy Hilton's stunning and affordable dress collection

Kathy Hilton
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Shop Kathy Hilton's stunning and affordable dress collection
"This style has become a staple in the Kathy Hilton Collection. It's almost like my signature dress. It was such a success the first time around that we decided to reproduce it in a tank, cap, 3/4th, and full sleeves. It's such a versatile dress because it's simple and casual by itself, but still has the potential to be dressed up for a more formal occasion."
"This is one of my favorites in the collection. It's a spin on the little black dress for a girl who is looking for some more color. This dress would be great to wear for a girls night out, a date night or a cocktail party/special occasion."
"I love this dress because its perfect for summer in the Hamptons. It's cute and feminine like a lot of my collection is but the geometric pattern makes it slightly different than the rest of my pieces."
"This is one of the pieces I could see worn on the red carpet. It's a real showstopper."
"What I love about this dress is that it's the perfect definition of "less is more." It has a more conservative silhouette but the lace on the sides gives it a bit of an edge and makes it sexy."

Kathy Hilton knows a thing or two about fashion.

After growing up in a house with two sisters (Kim Richards and Kyle Richards of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), raising two ultra-fashionable daughters (Paris and Nicky Hilton, of course) and spending years jetting between Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, and seeing the couture shows in Europe, it's safe to say she's earned her chops as a dress designer.

Though Ms. Hilton was never formally trained in fashion, the Kathy Hilton Dress Collection isn't her first foray into business. Owning her own specialty gift store on Sunset Plaza in Los Angeles for several years left Kathy with a carefully-trained eye and a sharp business sense -- she's in-tune with what the average woman wants to wear, and how much she's willing to spend on a party dress.

We sat down with Kathy in her showroom in Manhattan's garment district, and she walked us through some of the dresses her stunning, yet entirely wearable collection. Click through the gallery above to see a few of her personal favorites.
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