Robert Pattinson opens up about Kristen Stewart affair

Kristen Stewart Vs. Robert Pattinson: Who Broods the Best?
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Robert Pattinson opens up about Kristen Stewart affair

Round 1: Movie Posters

We’re not including any posters from the Twilight series because let’s be honest, that thing is just one hour-long broodfest after another. But don’t you fret: Robert and Kristen have found plenty of other opportunities to brood for money.

Kristen looks dramatically into nothing in this promo shot for Snow White and the Huntsman while Robert wrings his hands in serious contemplation for this Cosmopolis poster. While Snow White and the Huntsman did better in theaters (seriously, did anyone see Cosmopolis, and if so, can you explain what it was about?), this point goes to Robert because he looks like he’s going through some serious shit here.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Fashionista

Round 2: Photocalls

Kristen seemed mildly irritated at the German photocall for Twilight: Eclipse while Rob looks like he's contemplating the very meaning of existence at an Australian photocall for Breaking Dawn: Part 2.  We've got to give this point to Rob -- Sorry Kristen, you just look more ill than broody.

Kristen: 0, Robert: 2

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Fashionista

Round 3: ComicCon

Kristen looks like she’s trying to decide between Jacob or Edward (we know, we can’t choose either Kristen!) at a 2011 ComicCon panel, while Rob seems to be pondering some seriously intellectual French philosophy. The point here has to go to Kristen because not only does she look broody, she also looks really sad.

Kristen: 1, Robert: 2

​Photo Credit: Courtesy of Fashionista

Round 4: Sunglasses

Sunnies are going to inevitably make brooding a bit more difficult; without that withering stare, how are we to know if you’re being moody or just hungover?

Kristen hid her gaze on the Cannes photocall for On the Road with a pair of black shades (bonus points for the way she’s adjusting them). Robert was snapped by the paparazzi leaving the airport with his earphones on–judging by his expression, he’s probably listening to some really heavy, obscure band. We’re giving this point to Kristen, because Rob’s got an unfair advantage with those earbuds, and Kristen had the chutzpah to wear the glasses on the red carpet.

Kristen: 2, Robert: 2

​Photo Credit: Courtesy of Fashionista

Round 5: Red Carpet

Kristen appears at the Australian premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman looking pretty but also like she’s got a lot of shit on her mind. Which, given the scandal that unfolded, she probably did. Rob popped up at a gala in LA just this month looking like he had better things to think about than whether or not his tie was on straight. (and again: He probably did). This one is a tie because we just can’t decide who is less thrilled to be on the carpet.

Kristen: 2, Robert: 2

​Photo Credit: Courtesy of Fashionista

Round 6: Magazine Covers

Rob and Kristen have had their fair share of cover stories over the years, but we’ve picked two of their finest for this round.

Kristen covered Vogue for the first time in 2011 looking like photographer Mario Testino was going to throw the camera at her rather than snap her photo with it. Rob snagged the cover of Another Man, shot by Hedi Slimane while trying to solve the problem of global warming. Rob wins this round–you can’t beat that stare, and Kristen looks more awkward than brooding.

Kristen: 2, Robert: 3

​Photo Credit: Courtesy of Fashionista

Round 7: Awards Show

Are there any two celebrities around today who hate the song-and-dance of an awards show more than Robert and Kristen? Nope.

Maybe you don’t find these particularly broody, but they are in their own way. Their faces say, “I have to be here so I’m going to make this as uncomfortable for everyone as possible!” Mission accomplished. Kristen is thrilled to be at the MTV Movie Awards while Rob is ecstatic to win the Golden Popcorn. Kristen wins this one for her high sass levels.

Kristen: 3, Robert: 3

​Photo Credit: Courtesy of Fashionista

Round 8: Couples Edition

The couple that broods together… breaks up and eventually gets back together? We’re not entirely sure, but it seems like their broody dynamic was at it’s very best when paired up. Rob’s got that sultry-brood happening while Kristen has her best annoyed-brood on: it’s gotta be a tie. The real winner is Robsten fans everywhere!

Kristen: 3, Robert: 3

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Heartthrob actor, Robert Pattinson opened up about his break up with Kristen Stewart, and you are going to want to hear what he had to say!

With leading roles in the ever-so famous Twilight movies, K-Stew and Pattinson had there own saga off the screen and it was quite an eventful one. As we all remember, about two years back, Kristen Stewart was caught kissing her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanderson. Since the scandal broke there hasn't been much talk from Pattinson on the matter. Until now that is.

In the upcoming September issue of Esquire, the British actor tells us that, "S**t happens, you know?" he laughs. "It's just young people... it's normal! And honestly, who gives a s**t?". And later says "The hardest part was talking about it afterwards. Because when you talk about other people, it affects them in ways you can't predict. It's like that scene in Doubt [2008, in which Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a priest suspected of inappropriate behaviour], where he's talking about how to take back gossip? They throw all those feathers from a pillow into the sky and you've got to go and collect all the feathers."

Its refreshing to find out that drama is behind them, but we have to say it was pretty crazy to see that love triangle unravel. Check out our rendition of 'Best Brood' between K.Stew and Robert in the gallery above!
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