Renee Zellweger: Did she get plastic surgery? The truth behind her new face

Avoid the knife: Celebrity plastic surgeries that shouldn't have happened
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Renee Zellweger: Did she get plastic surgery? The truth behind her new face

A young Ashlee Simpson looks fresh prior to this rumored surgery...

Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur, WireImage/Getty Images

Simpson has been rumored to have had a nose job. The bridge of her nose appears thinner.

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High School Musical Star Ashley Tisdale looks different now...

Photo Credit: Arun Nevader, FilmMagic/Getty Images

Tisdale is said to have also received a nose job.

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Bristol Palin, daughter of former Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin went under the knife to fix...

Photo Credit: Eugene Gologursky, WireImage/Getty Images

Bristol received "corrective" jaw surgery following Sarah Palin's rise to fame.

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This rocker-chic has been through a few changes...

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Courtney Love has had a face lift and lip injections that has drastically changed her look!

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Iconic singer Dolly Parton looks and sounds great but is known as the queen of plastic surgery!

Photo Credit: Ron Galella, WireImage/Getty Images

Dolly Parton has had numerous plastic surgeries including her lips and eyes.

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Former Hills star Heidi Montag looked super sweet until...

Photo Credit: D Dipasupil, FilmMagic/Getty Images

Montag famously went under the knife for numerous procedures and the results are shocking!

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Former supermodel Janice Dickinson has always been the life of the party...

Photo Credit: Chris Walter, WireImage/Getty Images

Dickinson's appearance has changed dramatically after lip injections and a facelift.

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Jennifer Aniston debuted on NBC's hit shows Friends, and while this has never been confirmed...

Photo Credit: Amy Graves, WireImage/Getty Images

Aniston's nose looks a little different now!

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Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey hasn't been shy when talking about this...

Photo Credit: Ron Galella, WireImage/Getty Images

Grey has never denied getting a serious nose job that has changed her look but, things look even more different now.

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Kris Jenner, "momager" to the Kardashian clan has been very public with her plastic surgery.

Photo Credit: Ron Galella, WireImage/Getty Images

Jenner allowed E! cameras to follow her through her breast implant surgery which was aired on an episode of Keeping up the Kardashians.

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You may not even recognize this famous singer...

Photo Credit: Hulton Archives/Getty Images

LaToya Jackson is nearly unrecognizable before she went under the knife.

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This Dancing with the Stars dancer gave herself a little boost...

Photo Credit: Mark Mainz, Getty Images

Lacey Schwimmer went under the knife and had breast implant surgery.

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Lisa Rina looks a little different...

Photo Credit: Michael Ochs Archive/Getty Images

The television host and actress has had some serious work done to her lips.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

America's sweetheart Meg Ryan won hearts in flicks like You've Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally but the actress has had work...

Photo Credit: Amy Graves, Getty Images

Ryan has had work done on her lips and has had a face lift.

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Pamela Anderson is the Baywatch babe with plenty of assets...

‹Photo Credit: Jim Smeal, WireImage/Getty Images

Pamela has had numerous plastic surgeries and has also had her breasts removed several times.

Photo Credit: Ron Galella, WireImage/Getty Images

Victoria Beckham has always been petite... 

Photo Credit: Getty Images

But the singer and fashion designer had her breasts done and then she had them removed!

Photo Credit: Ron Galella, WireImage/Getty Images

Country singer Wayne Newton has changed his look...

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Newton has clearly had numerous surgeries to change his face!

Photo Credit: JMEnternational/Getty Images


Renee attended Elle's 21st Annual Women In Hollywood Awards, Oct. 20, and everyone immediately noticed that her signature plump cheeks were gone and her eyes seemed much more open. We spoke to three top experts who told us whether the 'Chicago' actress might have gone under the knife and you won't believe what they had to say!

Renee Zellweger, 45, looked gorgeous when she stepped out at the prestigious Elle Women in Hollywood Awards but she almost looked unrecognizable. Many fans speculated on Twitter that perhaps she had a facelift, or too much Botox but we can tell you exactly what is going on.

Dr. Janet Prystowsky, leading board certified Dermatologist in NYC, tells us:

"It looks to me as though Renee had a brow lift, eyelid lift, and a facelift," she said. "The brow lift has raised her forehead too high and it looks like she may have even had hair transplants to bring her hairline down again because of the appearance of hairs at the hairline. The cheeks were made thinner with the facelift. The eye lift has given her a more sunken look than she normally had skin and fat were removed. The eyebrows are going straight across instead of normally arching which also gives her eyes an unusual look. This could be related to the brow lift and Botox."

Dr. David Cangello, M.D., Director Of Plastic Surgery at the JUVA Skin, Laser and Plastic Surgery Center in NYC, also believes she had her upper eyelids done, and he believes that she had fillers in her cheeks.

"I think she actually looks much nicer now," Dr. Lyle Back, Board Certified Philadelphia area plastic surgeon said. "She had an excellent facelift which has made her face much less puffy, rectangular and masculine appearing. Her face is more oval, elegant and feminine without an 'over-pulled' look. She has also had her eyes nicely done, losing the heavy, tired look around her eyes. A well designed, finessed nasal reshaping created a nice balance with the rest of her."

Renee has been the subject of plastic surgery rumbling before. She actually spoke out about it to the U.K's Daily Express in 2013:

"When you read reports that you are starving yourself or that you are anorexic it's very unfair and disappointing," she said. "It's not very pleasant to read reports which say you've gone too far or this or that."

Click through the gallery above for celebrity plastic surgeries that shouldn't have happened.

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