Reinventing A Classic: Sun Hat Makeovers

Straw Hat Step-by-Step
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Reinventing A Classic: Sun Hat Makeovers

Whether you embellish a classic sun-hat, a floppy-brim bo-ho hat, or an oversized fedora, the best part about this do-it-yourself project is that it requires almost no tools, zero glue and zero sowing. 

For a ribbon and brooch approach, simply wrap a ribbon of your choosing around the crown of the hat, then cut at a diagonal, leaving about a ½” - 1 inch of overlap. Then all you have to do is pin the brooch through the hat and both ends of ribbon.

Braids are another fun and easy embellishment. Simply braid about two arm-lengths of yarn in three different colors that are bright and fun, then tie the end to keep it from fraying. Now just wrap the braid around the crown of your hat and tie a bow, allowing the leftover ends to hang on the brim.

An embellishment that you might not think of immediately is pompom trim; it’s fun and adds a bit of a Latin flare to your straw hat. Just wrap it around the crown, cut the trim with about ½ an inch of overlap, and fasten the ends with a small safety pin.

These embellishments are easy to add, and the best part is they are all interchangeable. So this summer, reinvent your straw hat with as many chic looks as you can.


Straw hats are a summer classic, and the best way to wear them this season is to personalize them with stylish embellishments. With a strip of ribbon and a brooch, a basic straw hat can be instantly reinvented for your style or a special occasion. Embellishments come in all colors and sizes and are super easy to change in seconds. Have fun trying the endless possibilities and switch up the chic looks as many times as you like!

Click the gallery to see all the best options for embellishing your summer hat!

New Sunny Twist: Summer Hat DIY

New Sunny Twist: Summer Hat DIY
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