Refresh Your Makeup Drawer With These Simple Solutions

Refresh Your Makeup Drawer With These Simple Solutions
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Refresh Your Makeup Drawer With These Simple Solutions

Most mascaras should be tossed after three months of use, especially if you use mascara on your lower eyelid, which is prone to more germs. Since it's nearly impossible to clean a reusable mascara brush, always take extra precaution and never go longer than 3 months or bacteria will start to grow.

Liquid foundations and concealers can start to separate, allowing germs and bacteria to grow. The recommended life-span of foundation is 6 months.

Eye shadow lasts longer than other eye makeup mainly because the pigments are loose. These products can last up to a year, but it's recommended that you don't stack your eye shadows, this can cause them to break (and no one likes broken eye shadow). 

Lipsticks and lipgloss can be tricky. In order to increase its longevity, we recommend wiping all access gloss from the applicator before returning it to the container. This will cut back on the residual germs. It is recommended you throw away lip gloss and lipstick after six months!

If you have enough space in your bedroom or bathroom, a counter makeup organizer is the best and safest solution to storing your makeup. They are compact and easily separate your eye, lips, and face products.

Try this counter makeup organizer from the Container Store.

With limited space, try a drawer makeup organizer! This bamboo organizer, which is easily reusable and environmentally safe allows you to separate all your makeup in tight quarters.

Try this drawer makeup organizer from the Container Store.

If you prefer to hang your makeup along with your other toiletries, this hanging makeup organizer allows you to do just that. This type of storage is perfect for in the bathroom or behind your door. Just be careful to keep your makeup in a well ventilated room, the shower heat can cause germs to grow in your storage container.

Try this hanging drawer makeup organizer from the Container Store.

Clean, clean, CLEAN your brushes. Cleaning your brushes will kill any bacteria that is living on your brushes. Here is an easy at-home way to clean your brush from Miss Maven: "Use a couple drops of olive oil on a paper towel, swirl your brush on the paper towel until most of the makeup is off. Then use a little bit of shampoo (size of a dime), swirl your brushes again in the shampoo, use warm water to rinse and lay them out to dry!"


For many of us, the start to Spring is the perfect excuse to do some much needed cleaning. From getting rid of those oversized (and over worn) sweaters to making sure your bedroom and drawers are neatly organized, there maybe one more place in desperate need of spring cleaning: your makeup drawer.

Often overlooked, this place is a hot spot for disorganization, germs, and forgotten beauty products. The rule of thumb: if you can't remember the last time you used the beauty product, get rid of it!

Once you've discarded your old and unused makeup, it's time to upgrade your storage. There are several types of makeup storage containers: countertop organizers, drawer organizers, and makeup bags.

Lastly, it's critical that you wash all your brushes. Not only will help keep you brushes in tact and last longer, but it will kill any bacteria that might be on your brushes from repeated use. Our StyleList Curator, Miss Maven shares a homemade brush cleanser solution for easy use.

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