Rebecca Taylor: We'll Always Have Paris

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Rebecca Taylor: We'll Always Have Paris
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Rebecca Taylor: We'll Always Have Paris

Photo Credit: Koa Pennock

Photo Credit: Koa Pennock

Photo Credit: Koa Pennock

Photo Credit: Koa Pennock


I arrived at the wonderful world of Rebecca Taylor yesterday. My intent was fixed : get the inside scoop on her upcoming NYFW show just a few days away. I would find out what her message would be this season -- the key colors, fabrication, trend. But what I ended up experiencing was something far more inspiring. We spoke of design, light and architecture which have been paramount in conceptualizing this current collection. Then, what ultimately came to the surface was an underlying life lesson...follow your dreams.

What I did learn is the Fall 2013 collection is true to the Rebecca Taylor DNA : modern feminism. Rebecca shared how she was particularly inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright which birthed a collection using modern tailoring with architectural embellishments, deep color notes and a range of fabrics from silk to leather.

Although there is no specific formula Rebecca follows in her design process (self-desrcibed as "quite organic and different every time"). She did confide that the exploration of this innate ability began from a very young age and in an environment ill-equipped to nurture it. "There weren't even fashion magazines, really," she laughed as she described cutting and sewing her own clothing. The limited vocational options surrounding her would not due. So she came to New York -- a trip she thought was just a stop on her way to Paris -- and the rest is history, as they say.

Today Rebecca sits at the helm of an empire, a notion she could have never conceived. "18-year-old Rebecca was cleaning beds at a hotel, she snuffed...she had no idea any of this would happen!" The secret she tells us is hard work (crediting her indispensable team) and of course a sense of humor. "You can't take it all too seriously," she said with a smile. A statement many make but few truly mean. In fact, we spent most of our chat laughing and it's clearly obvious not much about her has changed. She is simply doing what inspires her, every single day.

Written By: Jessica Hoppe, Photo Credit: Koa Pennock

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