Ralph Lauren employee accidentally gives the entire Internet a 65% off discount

A Ralph Lauren sale is always good news in our book, but 65% off, you say? Now that's a reason to celebrate. Celebrations were certainly in order on Twitter Sunday night, when an employee ID discount code meant for one specific employee and members of her immediate family was leaked online.

According to reporting by BuzzFeed, the information was unintentionally shared "without the company's authrorization, and has since been deactivated." You'd think customer service would cancel all of the orders using the code, but also according to BuzzFeed, an inside source at Ralph Lauren is stating otherwise. Apparently, if an order was placed utilizing overnight shipping, it's probably already been processed and the discount will go through. Orders over $800, however, are being scrutinized carefully. Cancelled orders include a "5,7000 chandelier and handbags that cost more than $1,000." Yikes!

Customers using the successful discount code took to social media to show off their new swag. This customer bragged via Twitter when his order confirmation displayed an almost $400 discount.

While it sounds like Ralph Lauren will be honoring many of the discounts, we're going to stick to getting our sales the honest way. Speaking of, J.Crew is having a one day only 40% off sale. Now, if you'll excuse us, we've got some shopping to do.
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