Rachel Roy's Favorite Red Carpet Moments

Rachel Roy's Favorite Red Carpet Moments
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Rachel Roy's Favorite Red Carpet Moments

“Dressing the First Lady is one of the most humbling, yet extraordinary feats of my professional career - particularly when she was in India - I was over the moon!”

Michelle Obama in the Rachel Roy Sable Moroccan Tunic and Dune Velvet Skirt from the Fall 2010 collection.

“Gwyneth has great taste, a great sense of humor, great self-confidence and a great body. You can honestly put her in anything - but in yellow, she stuns!”

Gwyneth in the Rachel Roy Citrus Hammered Satin Dress from the Spring 2009 collection.

“Not only is Halle every man's fantasy, she is a dream to dress. Equal parts professional and kind, not to mention, her beauty is mythical.”

Halle Berry in the Rachel Roy Royal Stretch Silk Satin Sung Strap Dress from the Pre-Spring 2010 collection.

“Cameron is an incredibly modern woman and dressing her is something that inspires me to push the structural body skimming boundaries in a way that is 100 percent elegant.”

Cameron Diaz in the Rachel Roy Jet Black Wool Mesh Insert Asymmetrical Dress from the Spring 2012 collection.

“Pregnant and glowing, Jenna was in her element. Just about any creation would have shown off that angelic like quality. However in this instance, it was the right girl in the right dress at the right time - magical.”

Jenna Dewan in the Rachel Roy Jet Black Embroidered Lace Gown from the Pre-Fall 2013 Collection.

“I was inspired by color and creativity and wanted to put a modern spin on that thought for Solange's MET gala gown.”

Solange Knowles in the Rachel Roy Citrus Silk Corset Peplum Gown from the Resort 2014 collection.

“I love this shape. The strong shoulders and cut in waist elongates and slenderizes-strong and sexy.”

Kate Hudson in the Rachel Roy Black Wool Crepe Cut Out Martine Gown from the Fall 2009 collection.

“Liya held court at the MET in this custom jumpsuit that we fit on her upwards of six times. Nothing less than the best for the Costume Institute, and it paid off making Vogue's best dressed that year!”

Liya Kebede in the Rachel Roy Black Urchin Stud Embroidery Twill Jumpsuit from the Spring 2010 collection.

"When Oprah had me on her show titled 'The Next Big Thing in Fashion', I knew from that moment on I could not let her down. Because of Oprah, I am inspired to not only work hard for myself but for the women who have helped me along the way. The trench worn as a dress says tailored, professional strong yet sexy; Oprah portrayed that beautifully at her Oscar show."

Oprah in the Rachel Roy Silk Taffeta Ruth Trench from the Pre-Spring 2007 collection.


"Fashion is more than adornment, it's a powerful way to communicate who you are. Hollywood's fascinated with telling stories, which allows for a fashion script writer like myself to paint vivid pictures that are loudly heard across many mediums. For me, it is important that who I'm dressing looks 100 percent her, with equal parts strength, sexiness, elegance and refinement mixed into her own DNA. Here are a few of my favorite moments."

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