Quick and easy: How to extend the life of your nail polish

How to extend the life of your nail polish
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Quick and easy: How to extend the life of your nail polish
We recommend you keep your favorite nail polish tucked away in your fridge. Warm environments will force the nail polish to separate which can alter the color.
Before rushing to put on another coat of nail polish, make sure to wait at least two minutes until apply another coat. Rule of thumb: The longer you wait, the better the paint will stick.
If your polish is older than a year, it's time to say goodbye. We know what you're thinking, 'you just started using it' but after a year however, after a year, you're polish will clump and won't stick properly.
Always use a base coat if you are looking for your polish to stay put. We recommend two coats of your favorite base coat. For the first coat, start by only painting the top half of the nail. For the second coat, paint the entire nail. The top of your nail is likely to chip first which is why those two coats are key.
It's super important to wash your hands thoroughly before you start your manicure. A clean slate will ensure that their are no specks or dirt underneath your polish.
There is nothing worse then when you pull out one of your favorite nail polish colors and it's all dried out or clumpy. We know your frustration, which is why we set out to find simple ways to extend the life of your coveted nail polish and your even more important manicure.

From waiting a few extra seconds to keeping your nail polish stored in the fridge, you wouldn't believe how simple and easy it is to keep your nail polish fresh.

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