Put down that shampoo! Steal these style and beauty secrets from the French

French women beauty secrets
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Put down that shampoo! Steal these style and beauty secrets from the French
First of all, put down your shampoo!  You might be surprised, but French women often only shampoo twice a week.  They strongly believe that a good cut and color are the keys to good hair, and that shampooing too often isn't good for your locks. Also, go darker (not lighter) and keep it short!
When it comes to makeup, Jett says foundation is key -- that you should match the color to your palms to be sure it's the right shade for you.  Only put makeup where you need it and blend outwards to get a seamless effect.  Her French friends have told her that eyeliner should line the top lashline, and that most women do one coat of mascara for daytime, two for nighttime. So in essence, simple makeup that emphasizes your natural beauty is your best bet!

French women are taught from a very young age that taking good care of your skin is the most important thing you can do for long-term beauty.  A yearly dermatological visit is essential, and many women use different creams and cleansers for day vs. night. Jett says not to believe the myth that stronger anti-aging creams are better, that you should take it slow. One procedure she says many French women swear by (but don't talk about!) is mesotherapy, an injection of vitamins and hyaluronic acids into target areas to plump and smooth out lines.

A few things she and her friends swear by? Vitamin C creams, Retin-A, Argan Oil.  It's also common to make your own body scrubs with oil and sea salt.

How are French women always so impossibly chic? It's all in the classics.  Finding stylish staples and holding on to them forever is extremely common - as long as you have them tailored throughout life for a perfect fit.  So fill your closet with classic staples, and try not to splurge on trends.  Embrace them, by all means! But spend your money on the pieces you'll keep forever.
Are all French women perfectly in shape? Many are! Some trade secrets: having a hot tea first often stops you from feeling the urge to snack, and remember your favorite clothes that you'd just be devastated if they no longer fit you. Favorite exercise routines among the French? Pilates and water aerobic classes.

Though Paris Fashion Week is behind us, we've got the French on our mind. After seeing the street style from outside some of the biggest shows, we're left wondering ... how are all these French women so perfect? Here's the thing, they've got all these incredible beauty secrets -- ones they're largely keeping to themselves -- and Tish Jett over at the Daily Mailis giving readers the scoop.

From reducing how often you wash your hair to a deeply engrained skincare regimen, click through the gallery above to see style and beauty secrets from the French. And yes, you'll learn how to resist chomping down on a delicious french baguette (shhh, hot tea!) or, at least, having just a few bites instead of the whole thing.

We promise your skin, hair, closet, everything will thank you. (DailyMail)
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