Prince Harry delivers the king of all photobombs

The Royals seem to really be on point with the whole viral Internet thing lately. Even the Queen seemed uncharacteristically game to photobomb a selfie last week. But never one to be one-upped when things are remotely rowdy, Prince Harry showed off his goofy side at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow yesterday. A group of rugby officials decided to take a selfie, and the debauchery above ensued.

Lest you think that's all the royals gave us to work with (though we have to commend Harry for his mad photobombing skills), Kate Middleton and Prince William were also in attendance, and were obviously not about to give Harry all the glory. Please try to imagine all possible conversations and/or captions in this series of photos:

royals on their cellphone
Are they playing Candy Crush? Agonizing over Words With Friends? Debating Instagram filters? Downloading the Oregon Trail iPhone app (who will get dysentery!?)? Purely bating us?

royals on their cellphone
Perhaps it's a PR campaign to make the Royals seem more relatable and "with it" or maybe Prince George's secret first act of royal duty has been schooling his elders on how to throw the Internets into a frenzy. ("You don't have my adorably chubby features and naturally expressive face at your disposal. EMOTE.") Either which way, please carry on, Royals. And maybe next time let George try his hand at the photobomb game.

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Photo credit: Getty Images, courtesy of ELLE

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