Are Prince Harry and Emma Watson dating?!

Prince William hosts Ralph Lauren and Hollywood stars at Windsor Castle
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Are Prince Harry and Emma Watson dating?!

Ralph Lauren and his family arrive at Windsor Castle as Prince William celebrates the work of The Royal Marsden, as well as Mr. Lauren's contribution to the hospital.

Kate Moss and husband Jamie Hince attended the star-studded dinner to celebrate the work of The Royal Marsden.
Emma Watson arrives wearing Ralph Lauren and looking lovely as can be.
Ralph Lauren and Ricky Anne Loew-Beer were the epitome of elegance. 
The stunning Cate Blanchett in a white Ralph Lauren gown.
Model Cara Delavigne smoldered in a black embellished gown.
Studly actor Benedict Cumberbatch looked sharp in his black suit.
We just love Helena Bonham-Carter so much. And this dress is the perfect amount of whimsy for her.
Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner looked pretty in this one-shouldered gown.
Downton Abbey's Lily James was stunning in feathers.
Zhang Ziyi also embraced a love of feathers in this slate grey gown.

Update 2/22/2015: Sadly, friends, Emma Watson has crushed our hopes and dreams:
She then reminded us of one pretty awesome thing, though: She doesn't need to marry Prince Harry to be a Princess. (And neither do we!) Oh well, we're still hopeful. And you never know -- maybe this will be the spark for Emma and Harry. "LOL Remember that time everyone thought we were dating?!" ...bonding ensues/they fall in love. Done.



In what's possibly the most exciting story to grace our office today, Emma Watson is reportedly -- according to several tabloids (we know, we know) -- linked to Britain's beloved Spare to the Throne! Woman's Day Australia is reporting that the pair have been going on "secret dates" and have really quite hit it off.

Apparently as soon as Harry heard that Emma had split from her boyfriend last year, he got in touch with some mutual friends to try to spend some time with the Harry Potter star. They arranged a party with several other friends so that Harry could get to know her. "Harry didn't want her to feel like she was put on the spot," an insider revealed to Woman's Day. "A party also shows he's fun and not stuffy." Right, because it's definitely a common misconception that Prince Harry is stuffy. (Not.)

We already know that Emma has met Prince William during an event he hosted at Kensington Palace, so she's basically already a member of the family. Also, she's about to become a Princess for Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Practice, y'know?

Okay we're getting ahead of ourselves. Would be a pretty great match, though, don't you think? Vote below, and click through above to see the time Watson rubbed shoulders with Harry's brother, Prince William!

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