Preparing for life's red carpet moments

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Preparing for life's red carpet moments
"Because our day-to-day lives aren't all that glamorous, we jump at any chance to get fancy." - Molly, A Piece of Toast
"We might not be hitting up red carpets like the award shows that are in full swing, but sometimes it's nice to take a little extra time to prep for nights out. After all, getting ready is half the fun." - Sally, A Piece of Toast
"There are 3 things I always reach for when I want to feel pretty: a statement necklace, high heels and a bold lipstick." - Caroline, House of Harper

"To me, there is something really fun and exciting about special occasions.  When I know a moment won't come around as often as I may like, I do my best to make the most of the time and to truly treasure it." - Caroline, House of Harper

"Getting ready for a fancy night out is one of my favorite things. Painted nails, a smoky eye, and a glamorous dress are all essentials." - Merrick, Merricks Art

"As a stay-at-home mom who also works from home, my day-to-day outfits are low-key and informal, but every once in awhile it's fun to get all dolled up and go out on the town with my husband." - Merrick, Merricks Art
"Everyone has their own beauty routines for getting glam for a night out. Some head to a blow dry bar, while others (like me) stalk their favorite beauty blogs, then pull out the hot rollers, makeup, and Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips Professional Effects!" - Amy, Dallas Wardrobe
"Not only do they provide me with a gorgeous white smile, but they are so convenient because I can apply them while I am 
getting ready and by the time I am finished with hair and makeup, I just take them off, add a bold lipstick and I am ready to head out the door!" - Amy, Dallas Wardrobe
"A prime example of someone who thinks that my beauty routine is a little over the top would be my boyfriend." - Jennifer, Haute Off the Rack
"How I get ready is a process that he will probably never understand. During the course of my two, sometimes three hour beauty prep he’ll pop his head in the bathroom and say, 'Are you close to being done yet? You look the same as you did forty minutes ago!'" - Jennifer, Haute Off the Rack
"There's always a fabulous black tie event happening in New York. I have a little routine that I like to stick to so that I’m stress-free on the day of an event. I always get my dress first." - Kat, With Love From Kat
In the winter I do a smoky eye and light pink lip. I choose a dark nail color and start whitening my teeth at least 1 week in advance (I love Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips Professional Effects). - Kat, With Love From Kat
"Sometimes we forget that our beauty routine isn’t just about the makeup and skincare products we use. It’s also about how we take care of ourselves in general, and our teeth are right up there at the top of the list!" - Teni, Miss Maven
"After all, if your teeth are sparkling and bright, who wouldn’t be smiling all the time?" - Teni, Miss Maven

With awards season upon us, it's hard not to dream about the little red carpet moments in our own lives. Formal occasions like weddings, proms and black tie events are inevitable, and they all call for a prep process in getting glam -- red carpet or not.

Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips Professional Effects are the kind of beauty secret weapon that every style blogger worth her salt has in her arsenal. Our contributors will tell you that a dazzling white smile is a non-negotiable in their pre-event beauty routine, and the first step toward instant #SmileStyle.

After all, when you don't have to worry about a perfect smile, there's more time to devote to the important stuff -- heels, lipstick, accessories, and of course, the dress.

For a sneak peak into how our contributors prepare for their own red carpet moments, click through the gallery.

What's your beauty secret weapon? Share your #SmileStyle secrets with us on social media, and follow along with @StyleList and @3DWhite to see our red carpet evening in action on Grammys night this Sunday, January 26th!

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