Pack Like A Pro: Tropical Vacay

Pack Like A Pro: Tropical Vacay
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Pack Like A Pro: Tropical Vacay


Getting ready for holiday vacation requires not only expert outfit-selecting skills, but expert packing skills as well. And with each type of excursion comes a different type of wardrobe and packing techniques.

If you're lucky enough to be headed somewhere warm and tropical on vacation, then there are a few essentials you can't forget to bring: a tote, bathing suit, strappy heels, and beach cover-up, to name a few.

And like we mentioned, you need to know how to pack your favorite items. A few tips and tricks to follow if you are headed somewhere warm:

Plastic Bag Rule: Separate outfits and types of clothing in plastic bags. Not only will this help separate different looks, but it will also help keep delicate bathing suits and cover-ups safe in a bag also full of shoes and jewelry, which could snag sensitive fabrics.

Bathing Suit Bag: Invest in a bathing suit bag. It's a great way to travel with your bathing suit, and an even better way to travel home with a wet bathing suit if you are determined to get in one last dip before you head to the airport.

Wear It While You Travel: If traveling from a cold location to a hot one, make sure to keep your coat with you. Don't waste precious suitcase space for your puffy coat. Additionally, use that beach tote you plan on bringing to the pool and utilize it as your carry on bag for your book, passport, and magazines.

Light Clothes Should Equal Light Packing: Just because your bikinis are skimpy and your cover up doesn't take up a lot of space, doesn't mean you get to fill your suitcase to the brim with extra items. Take advantage of a light wardrobe, and make it a light suitcase!

Click through the slideshow above to see (and shop!) all the essentials needed to look your best at your tropical destination.

Stay tuned tomorrow for our next installment in holiday vacation packing: Mountainous Vacation!

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