Our Favorite Father's Day Traditions

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Our Favorite Father's Day Traditions
Dara K. -- "Father's Day for my family usually means making sure we do everything my dad wants to do. Since this is the first year all of my siblings and I are living an airplane ride away from home,  I'm sure the day will include several phone calls, texts and FaceTime chats."
Lauren W. -- "When I was growing up, we'd go to my grandparents' house for Father's Day and grill out on their patio. We loved having "grandpa's hot dogs," which basically just meant hot dogs sliced down the middle and grilled and hamburgers. Now that the kids in my family aren't quick as picky, we like grilling shrimp and fish with my dad at home."
Amanda M -- "My dad is a musician – this was taken after one of this shows in the late 80's.  These days it's tough to celebrate Father's Day since my family is on the West Coast, but thankfully we hop on FaceTime to catch up!  And of course hitting an SF Giants game when I come home to make up for lost time!"
Emily G. -- "My dad is very laid back and loves to grill. He would call me his little sous chef and I can remember watching him grill steak and veggies, while I helped. It was some of my fondest memories growing up."
Allison P. -- "My dad's perfect Father's Day would involve a bike ride, a long run and a Guinness milkshake. My sister, brother and I each partake in one of these activities with him, one-on-one, before a Father's Day family dinner. He'd likely be wearing a t-shirt and running shorts the whole day."
Abby S. -- "Growing up, every Father's Day was spent at the ballpark. My dad was a huge baseball fan and the only thing he ever wanted to do on Father's Day was catch a game. He would always keep score using a scorecard and made sure to teach me the same pastime telling me "the boys will love a girl who can keep score at a ballgame." He was right!
Gina M. -- "Clearly my dad knows good fashion based on his 80's vintage collared shirt and Ray Ban sunglasses. We love celebrating Father's Day with a good trip to beach for a day in the sun."
Stephanie S. -- "Since Father's Day always falls around my grandfather's birthday, my entire family goes out for a nice dinner at a fancy steak house in NYC. It always makes me laugh to see how the restaurant accommodates seating for over 30 people!"
Sammi L. -- "I was born on Father's Day so it has always been something we share together. My dad is all about the gifts from the heart, so he's gotten many collages and homemade cards over the years. I like getting him things he would never go pick out for himself (which is most things sold in a retail store), one of the best gifts was Wayfarer sunglasses...he is now on his fourth pair of the same model."
Ellen T. -- "My dad's favorite pastime is golf, so Father's Day at his house in North Carolina usually revolves around getting up at the crack of dawn for the earliest possible tee time. Afterwards, it's a cigar for him and a hot dog for me. We try to keep it classy."

Ali V. -- "Usually on Father's Day my mom, brother, and I get together for a great dinner with my grandpa. One memory in particular of a great Father's Day was when I was very young I made applesauce from scratch with my mom and put it in an empty Mott's container and gave it to my dad. Whether or not he could actually taste the difference, he never let me know, but he definitely acted like he thought it was delicious store brand applesauce and ate the whole thing until I finally 'revealed' I was the one who made it for him."

Claudia H. -- "My dad is the smartest person I know and he taught me so many things, big and small. He taught me to love technology from a young age (hello, excel sheets to balance my allowance), to ride a bike (or scooter), to appreciate the music of Andrea Bocelli (con te partiro, papa), to always think of others and to put family above all else."

Cassy L. -- "For Father's Day, we never do anything too fancy, just a little backyard cookout to celebrate my dad and grandfather--and hopefully enjoy the summery weather!"


Now that's you've picked out the perfect gift for dad, it's time to start planning your Father's Day celebration. Whether it's grilling with dad or catching a Sunday ballgame, there are countless ways to show your #1 dad how much you care.

In honor of Father's Day, we take a look back at some of our favorite Father's Day memories. Emily recalls watching her dad grill in the backyard while acting as his little sous chef and Ellen remembers golfing with dad because it was his favorite pastime. No matter how you celebrate Father's Day, spending time with dad is the most important part.

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