Our 2014 red carpet superlatives

2014 red carpet superlatives Fashionista
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Our 2014 red carpet superlatives
The pop star and newly minted Puma creative director showed up to the CFDA Awards this year in a completely see-through crystal gown by Adam Selman, and was one of the first people to wear the Tom Ford nipple pasties after they walked the runway in September. On the flip side, she can work a classic Zac Posen ball gown with the grace of an old Hollywood star. This woman has no fear (with a body like that, she shouldn’t) and we get giddy with anticipation whenever her presence is expected at an event. 
Let’s think back for a moment: Have you ever seen Emma Watson look bad? We didn’t think so. From the white Ralph Lauren column gown she wore to the “Noah” premiere to the Dior Couture dress-over-pants ensemble she chose for the Golden Globes, her style was impeccable this year. Here’s hoping she’s able to top herself in 2015.
It’s widely known that the 'Preserve' editor and actress knows how to dress, and if you thought she looked stunning in a body-con gown before, just wait until you see her showing off her baby bump. Pregnancy among Hollywood A-listers and street style stars was something of a “trend” this year, but no one looked better and more glow-y than Lively did. You can tell she was born to be a mom. (And that kid is going to be blessed with some stellar genetics.) 
No one made a bigger splash onto the style scene in 2014 than the 19-year-old actress, who consistently looked flawless on the red carpet, thanks in part to her stylist Leslie Fremar (and her natural beauty, of course). During her “Transformers” press tour alone, she wore the likes of Balenciaga, Stella McCartney and Dolce & Gabbana, successfully blowing the press, her fans and critics away. We’re not sure how she can improve upon this year’s red carpet track record in 2015, but we can’t wait to see her try.
We get that the singer is going for an eclectic, urban-inspired look when she gets dressed most of the time, but often her intentions get lost in translation. Sure, the quirky “It” Brit has her beauty look down, but we often find ourselves wondering what Ora was thinking when she chose many of her red carpet ensembles. 
2014 was unquestionably the Year of Taylor Swift — or, more accurately, the Year of Taylor Swift's abdomen. Even if she swears she'll never show her belly button (if she even has one, that is), this was the year Swift embraced the matching crop top set. Whether it was with a skirt, like the Novis set she wore to the Teen Choice Awards, shorts, or pants, Swift didn't meet a crop top she didn't like. 
As one of the most ubiquitous models of the year, Hadid popped up on a lot of red carpets, and she brought her own little brand of sunshine with her each time. The California girl has the sex appeal and big personality that the original supermodels had back in the day, which is a breath of fresh air in the industry. Plus, she’s not afraid to experiment with different looks, and she’s as likely to step onto the red carpet in a menswear-inspired look as she is to appear in a silky slip dress.
Lena Dunham has access to some of the best designers in the world and a fearless sense of style, which should add up to red carpet gold. Her problem? She regularly appears in clothes that look like she just picked them up off the floor and threw them on. A sharper tailoring job would do wonders for her. 
The actress looks gorgeous no matter what she wears, but we really would love to see a little red carpet variety from J. Law in 2015. Sure, Dior shows some beautiful pieces season after season, but the fashion world should be her oyster! Someone this stylish should not have to be tied down to one label alone for so long. Get this girl some Balenciaga!
The "Nairobi blue" Prada gown that the actress wore to the Oscars this year deserves to go down in some sort of fashion Hall of Fame. Nyong’o looked angelic, and this gown cemented her status as a style icon of her generation. 
With a wedding week wardrobe that could rival that of royalty, Clooney captivated the world with her style this year. The human rights lawyer has a penchant for high fashion labels like Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana and Stella McCartney, and has always been the picture of elegance and class. We can’t wait to see her accompany her new husband on the red carpet for years to come — she’s definitely 2014’s biggest one to watch.
The pop star sure knows how to have fun with fashion, whether she’s dying her hair a slimey shade of green or modeling her pal Jeremy Scott’s newest designs for Moschino. While she looks a bit crazy from time to time — like when she wore an all-denim gown to the VMAs to pay homage to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s famed ensembles from 2001 — you can’t really hate on her for trying to get a laugh. At least she’s in on the joke.
Who knew that the comedic actress (you likely remember her from her roles on “Freaks and Geeks,” “Party Down” and “Mean Girls”) had such killer style? The "Masters of Sex" star and her stylist Ilaria Urbinati made magic together during Awards Season — her Donna Karan Atelier gown topped many an Emmys best dressed list — and Caplan even attended Fashion Week for the first time in September, hitting up buzzy shows like Cushnie et Ochs and Proenza Schouler. Let's just chalk that up as research for even more red carpet wins in 2015.
Chastain very rarely makes a fashion misstep, but when she looks her best, she far outshines anyone else walking the red carpet with her. This is especially true when the actress opts for a floor-length gown or something with plenty of sparkle. She looks like a bona fide movie star, and we’ll never tire of seeing what she chooses to wear for a special event.
It’s a real shame that one of the most beautiful young actresses in Hollywood looks so darn boring all the time when it comes to the red carpet. While it’s commendable that Williams likes to keep it classic in looks by Giambattista Valli, Oscar de la Renta and Dior, we’re dying to see her take a sartorial risk in 2015. 
Let’s be real: The actress wore some really weird shit this year (that off-the-shoulder Schiaparelli Couture dress she chose for the AMFAR Gala, for instance) and although her famed “Sex and the City” character could likely pull this type of thing off, that doesn’t mean she should try it IRL. 
K. Stew remained relatively under-the-radar this year, but when she did emerge to walk a red carpet, you never quite knew what to expect from her. Whether it was opting for a sparkly Chanel jumpsuit when everyone else in Cannes was wearing a formal gown or debuting a boyish haircut while wearing a sexy minidress, the actress doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks — which is precisely what we love about her.
We saw a lot of Kardashian on the red carpet this year — and yes, we’re talking about her assets. From crop tops to extreme cleavage and sky-high slits, it’s clear that the reality star is very proud of her post-baby physique (and rightfully so!) but it wouldn’t hurt her to leave a bit to the imagination every once in a while.
This dress is a dream. When we look back on the year and the legacy that the late designer has left behind, our mind will immediately go to spectacular, ladylike gowns just like this one. 
Fact: The only thing better than one well dressed celebrity is two well dressed celebrities who are also dating. Emma Stone is always amazing on the red carpet, but when she appears with boyfriend and sometimes-costar Andrew Garfield — who manages to complement her without outshining her — it's downright perfect. 
They say you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone, and that certainly was the case with Sienna Miller. The style star took a break from the public eye to have a baby, but thanks to a new film ("American Sniper"), she's back and better than ever. From covering Vogue for the third time to hitting the red carpet in Balenciaga, Miller made us remember why we love seeing her out and about. 
O Carey, where art thou? She's regularly on our best dressed lists, but this year has been woefully lacking in the Carey Mulligan department. Here's hoping she returns in 2015.

Sometimes, breaking down the year in style isn't always as easy as picking the best and worst dressed. There's a lot of gray area in there - like, who picked the right stuff in the wrong way? Who took the biggest risks? Who needs to scrap it all and start over?

That's why we're rounding out the year with our 2014 Style Superlatives. It's kind of like what you did in high school, only chicer, and Stacy from homeroom can't use her popularity to win Most Likely to Succeed despite the fact that she's basically failing math. God, Stacy.

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