Our 20 favorite fashion looks from Beyoncé's new visual album

Our 20 Favorite Fashion Looks from Beyoncé's New Visual Album
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Our 20 favorite fashion looks from Beyoncé's new visual album
 Eyes Wide Shut redux.

Coney Islanders crashed her video set once they got word she was in their famed amusement park—she seems to have not minded at all.

Fringe was all over the runways for spring, and now it’s officially a must.
This is what Beyoncé would wear if she were a superhero. We approve.
Do you still have your Margiela bunny ears? Now’s the time to pull them out of the closet.
Speaking of crowns, Beyoncé certainly seems to love a tiara these days.
Can anyone else pull off a Brazilian carnival costume like she can?
Even a habit-like sheet seems provocative when draped on Bey.

Is anyone else feeling a nineties Versace vibe right now?

It can get cold in a cut-out one-piece swimsuit, all the more reason to don a fur cape on top.

This is how she actually looks like in the morning. There isn’t much difference.

This is how we imagine Beyoncé wakes up every morning.

Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day?


Grunge done the Beyoncé way.

The white and black lace ensembles look straight out of a Federico Fellini film.
Like mother, like daughter: semi-matching her look to baby Blue Ivy’s.
Roller skates, black light, neon lips—the singer was clearly a child of the eighties.
Finally Beyoncé and Jay Z on screen together again. This is exactly how we picture their trips to St. Tropez.
A suited-up Beyoncé and another look at her short-lived pixie cut.  

Bow down to Queen Bey.

The world woke up to a short, but already epic Instagram video announcing Beyoncé's new surprise album. And of course, not content with just dropping fourteen songs, the multi-talented singer also gave us the visual treat of seventeen music videos to obsess over.

Going through them compulsively this morning, we're mesmerized by the versatility of Beyoncé's style-in lace and fur or cut-off jean shorts and a basketball jersey-and, even more entertained by the surprising amount of cameos including Jay Z, sister Solange, Pharrell,Chanel Iman, and even little Blue Ivy. Filmed in Paris, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro and New York, here, we pick our favorite looks from her new videos. It's Beyoncé's world and we're just living in it.

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