Oscars live blog: All the best moments from Hollywood's biggest night

The night we've been waiting for all of awards season is finally here -- the Oscars! The 86th Annual Academy Awards are happening tonight, March 2nd, 2014, and we've got all the live updates from the red carpet and the show right here. Follow along with us as we tune in to Hollywood's biggest and most glamorous night.

11:57 pm: And the Best Picture of the Year is... 12 YEARS A SLAVE! That's a wrap, ladies and gents -- until next time!

11:51 pm: Matthew McConaughey wins for Best Actor for his role in Dallas Buyer's Club!We loved him in that movie, but the internet is crying for Leonardo DiCaprio right now...

11:44 pm: Cate Blanchett and her stunning Armani Prive gown accept the award for Best Actress!

11:37 pm: Alfonso Cuaron takes the Oscar for Best Director of Gravity, and Ellen thinks the show is over... nope, you're stuck with us a little bit longer!

11:15 pm: Hmm, think they had an inkling they'd win? This speech is sooo beyond planned, ha. #Frozen Also, anyone else think Indina should help accept that award? She was flawless tonight!

10:42 pm: Who wouldn't see a production of Wizard of Oz with Ellen as Glinda?!?! No one, no one would dare miss that show.

10:34 pm: Pink commemorating The Wizard of Oz is amazing. She looks gorgeous (we suspect her gown might be a tad influenced by Dorothy's ruby slippers)-- and we could listen to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" over and over!

10:21 pm: Brad wants some Pepperoni. And someone BETTER save a piece for Kerry Washington - we know she wanted some! Just Brad, passing a slice to Meryl:

86th Academy Awards - Show

10:16 pm: "When I look down at this golden statue, may it remind me and every little child that no matter where you're from, your dreams are valid." - the lovely Lupita Nyong'o

10:13 pm: And the Oscar goes to: LUPITA! Couldn't be more well-deserved! They better give her an HOUR on stage.

10:11 pm: Best Supporting Actress! Here we go...

10:07 pm: Charlize Theron looks incredible tonight, and Chris Hemsworth is just so hunky. What a pair!

10:02 pm: Quick, everyone needs to RT this photo of EVERYONE AT THE OSCARS.
9:54 pm: Ooh, so chic in the white suit Ellen! Especially since you wore it to introduce the dreamy Brad Pitt. (loving the clean-cut look, Mr. Pitt.)

9:39 pm: Us too, J.Law, us too.
9:36 pm: Ellen just strolling around checking in on how everyone is feeling -- and she wants to order some pizza for the crowd. We're with you, Ellen! The StyleList Oscars Pizza Party is in full swing.

9:32 pm: Think we just spotted a cute moment between Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde sitting in the audience -- a little winky-wink. #Love

9:30 pm: Can we talk about Kate Hudson's gown? But seriously, she. is. flawless.

9:25 pm: Oh HI Zac Efron. Wait he can't hear us? Ok but still, hi. ;)

9:20 pm: Um wait -- Emma Watson and Joseph Gordon Levitt should definitely date. Just sayin'.

9:18 pm: Did you miss what everyone was wearing tonight? See all of the arrivals here.

9:15 pm: Okay, if you haven't seen Frozen -- even further proof that you NEED TO.

9:07 pm: LOL now that is how to go to a commercial break. Ellen terrifying Sandra Bullock and Leonardo DiCaprio:

Photo: JarettSays Twitter
9:05 pm: Oh, Channing Tatum. How we love you.

9:00 pm: And it's Dallas Buyer's Club for Best Hair and Makeup! How did you vote on your Style Ballot?

8:55 pm: The Great Gatsby wins for Best Costume Design -- p.s. we spoke with Catherine Martin about her designs -- and we couldn't be happier for the sparkly, flapper-filled film.

8:52 pm: Pharrell Williams singing "Happy" is the best thing to happen tonight (Ok, aside from Jared Leto's INCREDIBLE speech) -- but he just danced with Lupita, Meryl, AND Amy. Epic, epic, epic. And yes, the hat is back!
8:43 pm: The first Oscar of the night goes to...Jared Leto!

8:28 pm: Seats are filling up, people! The show is about to begin.

8:27 pm: So true though.
8:21 pm: The situation on Jessica Biel tonight.

8:20 pm: Ten minutes to showtime!

8:16 pm: Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen...love.

8:14 pm: So cute, Erin Andrews!
8:04 pm: OMG Julia Roberts looks amaze. We take back everything we said about her Golden Globes mishap.

7:52 pm: Ooooohhh we're kind of Team Jen over here, but we love Angelina's dress.

7:50 pm: Here's Lupita in powder blue Prada -- one of our favorite looks of the evening. For more arrivals, head on over here. 86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
7:45 pm: J.Law down.

7:38 pm: The StyleList Oscars coverage isn't slowing down, people! Here's Liza Minnelli's weird hair situation and Bette Midler's red carpet debut.

7:37 pm: We haven't discussed Cate Blanchett's dress yet, but for the record, we love it.

7:36 pm: Jonah Hill bringing his mom (again) is so much cuter than anyone else bringing their mom to the Oscars.

7:35 pm: OMG, J.Law.

7:24 pm: Naomi Watts in custom Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein -- gorgeous!

7:23 pm: Awesome interview with the Blue Jasmine costume designer on that Hermes Birkin bag Cate Blanchett carried throughout the film, happening on ABC.

7:21 pm: OMG Kerry Washington in custom Jason Wu. Dying.

7:19 pm: That diamond necklace though.

7:17 pm: Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis getting interviewed -- what a power couple. "You're such a great looking couple...get off my stage!"

7:15 pm: Wait. From the dress to the makeup, we think Sally Hawkins looks kinda stunning! 86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
7:13 pm: Team StyleList is a house divided right now on Anna Kendrick's dress. Do you like it? Tell us what you think in the poll below!

6:59 pm: #Bye.
6:54 pm: Speaking of Oscars hair....Jared Leto and those flowing locks. We see you.

6:53 pm: Wanna get Oscars-inspired hair? You're going to want to check out this giveaway.

6:51 pm: OK, how cute is this?!?! Jason Sudeikis snapping a pic of pregnant Olivia Wilde getting snapped by photogs. Ugh, #precious.
86th Academy Awards - Arrivals

6:47 pm: Amy Adams looks gorgeous in navy Gucci!

6:46 pm: Looking for the red carpet arrivals? We've got 'em all right here.

6:45 pm: We're parked on the couch, watching the ABC red carpet! Just saw Lupita Nyong'o walk by in Prada...obviously we love it.

6:00 pm: The storm clouds have cleared and it's time to get the red carpet started!

Storm Leaves The Oscars With A Soggy Red Carpet
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