Not only does Eiza Gonzalez have Liam Hemsworth, she has Miley's old hair

Eiza Gonzales hair
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Not only does Eiza Gonzalez have Liam Hemsworth, she has Miley's old hair
Eiza and Miley (circa 2009).

A loose side braid

A dramatic headband made of shimmering flowers

A braid crown twisted round and round

So now we know a little bit about Eiza Gonzalez' hair aesthetic. If hairstyles say anything about personality (and they must, right?) I'm guessing that this girl is pretty much the opposite of Miley, although both definitely have an adventurous/fun streak! What's your reaction to this collection of interesting hair looks?

If there's one thing we know for sure about Eiza Gonzalez-the Mexican actress everyone's been Googling since she was named as Liam Hemsworth's post-Miley Cyrus love interest (makeout photos emerged last week!) -it's that she has much longer hair than Miley. In fact, her curled, highlighted extensions look eerily like Miley's did when she and Liam first got together.

Being the beauty writer I am, I felt compelled to do a little investigating into Eiza's hair history. Turns out, she's had the super-long waves for years now-no pixies in sight-but she mixes things up with frequent haircolor tweaks and plenty of adventurous hairstyles and hair accessories. Here are some of Eiza Gonzalez' most interesting hair looks.

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