Non-Surgical Ways to Look Younger

Non-Surgical Ways to Look Younger
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Non-Surgical Ways to Look Younger

AVOID: Lip Injections

Many women receive this procedure to get back that plump lip they had at a younger age. And while it is (luckily) temporary, some women do not feel satisfied and take it a bit too far.

TRY: Plumping Gloss

Some lip glosses, such as this one from Buxom, have plumping ingredients in them.  It's a temporary effect, of course, but it works!

TRY: Using Your Eyeliner... on Your Lips

Using a brown eyeliner to lightly shade below your bottom lip and a white liner on your cupid's brow (the 'm' shape in your upper lip) will create a highlight and shadow above and below your lips, making them appear fuller.

TRY: Exfoliating with Your Toothbrush

Gently brush your lips with a wet toothbrush to exfoliate them: temporarily plumping in the process!

AVOID: Cheek Implants

Some women feel it is necessary to get cheek implants so that their faces appear full and youthful, but there are other(often better) ways to get this look. 

TRY: Ingesting More Olive Oil

Olive Oil not only keeps your body healthy, but keeps your skin glowing as well.  Keep your cheeks fuller longer by keeping this key ingredient in your diet!

TRY: Cheek Exercises

Yes, you read that right.  Working out your cheeks will make your face fuller -- so purse your lips as hard as possible, then pull back into a wide smile, stretching your lips across your teeth.  Repeat to give those facial muscles some cardio!

AVOID: Eye Lift

The last thing you want is for a little lift to go too far - and some women have just that.  The desire to overcome crows feet and undereye circles can overshadow a realization that there are much easier fixes out there.

TRY: Eye Creams

There are a bevy of eye creams out there - and one of our favorites is Clinique Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream. Try it out for a few months before you take the dive into surgery!

"Men want to kiss a woman's face and not the makeup that's on it. Who wants to feel like they are kissing a mask?"

TRY: Be Extremely Careful with Your Eyes

Whether you're applying that cream for dark circles or covering them up with makeup, be extremely cautious.  You do most of the damage to the delicate skin around your eyes by being too rough.  Use your ring finger (it is the weakest) and dab -- do not drag -- the cream or makeup under your eye.

TRY: Anti-Dark Circles Eye Roller

This gentle eye roller from Garnier instantly soothes the skin under your eyes, correcting dark circles without you having to cover them (or push and pull that delicate skin any more than necessary!).

AVOID: Breast Implants

Before you decide you absolutely HAVE to get implants, try some of our techniques to emphasize what you already have -- and maybe save yourself a few (thousand) dollars in the process!

TRY: Find a Bra that FITS

Do your homework, and find a bra that absolutely fits.  Don't settle for what size you were in high school - that's most likely changed! Go to a store and get yourself sized at least once a year - because your cup size will fluctuate if your weight does (even a little bit!).

TRY: Take Good Care of Your Bras

Never, ever dry your bras in your Maytag. It may seem tempting to do it quickly, but you should always hang-dry (and preferably, hand-wash!) your bras.  Take good care of them, and they will take good care of you.

TRY: Get Rid of Bras After a Year or Two

You have to let go - get rid of the bra as soon as it starts to stretch out or stops fitting you comfortably.  Just like you go through your closet and clean out old jeans and sweaters, you must do the same with bras. Don't become attached! 

AVOID: Botox and Fillers

Botox and fillers are not the solution to having younger skin - at least, not when there are other options you can incorporate into your every day life to keep your skin looking young!

TRY: Firming Creams

This Neutrogena firming cream works wonders, keeping your skin youthful and radiant.

TRY: Exfoliating Often

It sounds simple, but you would be amazed the difference it can make when skin is exfoliated.  Getting that layer of dead skin off your face instantly makes you look younger, and your skin more supple.

TRY: Drinking More Water

Water is imperative to your overall health, but also for your skin.  Drinking plenty of water will keep you hydrated and as a result, looking young and healthy.


We all know that far too many women in Hollywood (and beyond) resort to plastic surgery when they're aging to stop those fine lines and attempt to recapture their youth. Unfortunately, this isn't always done in a natural-looking way, so it is sometimes obvious that the person has had work done.

Ideally, we think any woman would prefer to be happy with her aging process without needing to spend big bucks on surgery. In an effort to help us all stay looking young, and dodge pricey procedures, we've come up with some ways to get around the common surgeries of the stars.

Click through the gallery above to see how you can avoid needing an eye lift, breast implants, and more!

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