Nigel Barker's Style Laws of Attraction

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Nigel Barker's Style Laws of Attraction
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Nigel Barker's Style Laws of Attraction

Well, quite frankly both heels and flats can look stunning. I am a huge fan of heels and a pair of black pumps will go with anything. They give your whole body a certain shape by putting you on your toes, which instantly draws attention. I buy all my wife's heels from Christian Louboutin. Likewise a pair of flats like ballet slippers are a delicate, understated way of looking approachable and confident which is always sexy. Repettos are a great choice.


If the weather is warm a bare leg works just fine but in Fall, Winter, Spring and cool evenings, wearing tights are a great way to show a little leg in inclement weather. I love the patterned wool holey hose from Wolford, well actually I love most of the tights from the solid cashmere to the sheer tights with a simple black stripe up the back.


Whether you want anyone to see your underwear or not, wearing great lingerie has to make you at least feel fabulous underneath it all, which in turn makes you more confident and sexy. And don't forget that if you are wearing a tight skirt or something a little sheer then the right underwear is important. There is a time and a place for a g-string! I buy lingerie for my wife from La Perla.


A must have in any ladies wardrobe, above the knee but not so short that passers by are expecting to cop a look up your dress if you bend over! I think skirts that stick tight to your body work better at both looking aesthetically more pleasing and also making it easier to sit without flashing.


A great accompaniment to the black skirt, slightly sheer is fine with a light under garment. They look both conservative and sexy at the same time with infinite ways to style them. Equipment makes great silk shirts that I have been buying for the wife for over 15 years!


Effortlessly feminine, easy to wear with not much to think about. They make you look tall and lean and are obviously comfortable. Dresses that have the ability to come in at the waist are best giving you shape. Simple cotton dresses are perfect for the summer and work great with sandals as well as heals. Calypso creates beautiful feminine ethereal dresses.


A little jean jacket is the perfect understated piece that can work in a variety of colors and fabrics, they work well with full-length dresses to a pair of tight jeans. Instantly make a sophisticated outfit look a little hipper and chic by pairing it with a comfortable cotton biker jacket. A recently bought one for my wife from Catherine Malandrino and she wears it with everything.


Less is more. You don't want to or need to dress your self like a Christmas tree. A pair of earrings, a bracelet and a ring or two are enough. I like things like toe rings as well. Personally I like the look of a bunch of bracelets but not if you also wear a lot around your neck and big earrings to boot! Guys will also see you as high maintenance and all that fuss is distracting. Jewelry with a story or meaning are always nice and a great conversation starter.


Now different people are comfortable and confident in different amounts and styles of make up but guys in general like the classic healthy glowing skin with either a simple eyeliner or lip color. It's when you do it all at the same time that we wonder what your covering up or what you are trying to say. A classic smokey eye with a nude lip is perfect for evenings.


Every woman should feel comfortable and confident in whatever she is wearing. Now, for me personally, less is not always more... and what I mean is sometimes being a bit more covered in the right ways and places can actually help you appear mysterious and interesting.

A favorite quote of mine is: "Your dresses should be tight enough to show you're a woman and loose enough to show you're a lady" - Edith Head, Costume Designer.

With that in mind, these are key pieces to keep in your wardrobe.

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