Nigel Barker's Favorite People to Photograph

Nigel Barker's Favorite People To Photograph
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Nigel Barker's Favorite People to Photograph

Alina Puscau behind a very wet piece of Plexi as she stares me down for an editorial shoot for Tatler magazine. It was actually quite a precarious set with large pieces of wet slippery plexi everywhere!

Anne Markley, who I met as a contestant on America’s Next Top Model, posing for me during a shoot for my Beauty Equation book shoot. Anne is one of our most successful models on ANTM and is an accomplished actress to boot!

Betsey Johnson, dancing around while I was shooting her for  Paper magazine. Of all the many people I have photographed over the years very few have anything like the energy and charm of Betsey! This is a Polaroid from the shoot that Betsey personalized for me.

Caridee English who famously told me to pull a stick out of my bum is now a great friend, posing for me for my "Beauty Equation" book.

Friend, supermodel, and coach from my show The Face, Coco Rocha stealing my camera on the set of my shot of her for DuJour magazine…some models think they can do it all!

The most gorgeous and adoring subject, my lovely daughter, Jasmine. This shot was taken upon waking after a nap. Poor little thing has a dad who’s obsessed with her and who takes photos of her every waking and sleeping moment!

Shooting Jennifer Jo Cobb for her sponsor, Vasserette, hence the revealing styling! The studio we shot in was on the 2nd floor and although there was a ramp we had to push the car into the studio. The car had its engine removed but it was still no joke!!

Super stylist and fashion editor Mary Alice Stephenson and I monkeying around on set while I was shooting for my "Beauty Equation" book. MA and I have worked on many shoots for the Make A Wish Foundation.

On the ice 35 miles off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada taking photos of probably my cutest subjects ever, baby white coat Harp seals. It was -24 degrees Fahrenheit and that cord you see is to the battery, which I had to keep next to my body so it wouldn’t die. I was there with the HSUS shooting my film A Sealed Fate.

Russell Brandt, Nick Nolte and I on the set of Arthur where I had a cameo role in the movie. It was funny because I had to deliver my lines and actually photograph them for real. The photos were used in the movie as a cover of Town & Country magazine.

Taylor Swift strumming a little tune for me as I shot her for my book on Taylor called "8 Hours" in collaboration with Sony. The shoot was in this fabulous house in LA and I was simultaneously directing a video spot on her too, well we only had 8 hours!!!

Tory Burch lounging on the couch at her beautiful home for Tatler magazine. One of the fun things about shooting portraits at the subjects residence is that you really get to see how they live…Tory even made us cookies!


People who have a story to tell are my favorite people to photograph. My job gives me the opportunity to meet the most unique individuals and capture moments that define their personalities. The story unfolds with a snap of the shutter. Join me for a glimpse of my work as the man behind the lens.
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