New York Fashion Week Everyday Style: Day 5 at Lincoln Center

New York Fashion Week Everyday Style: Day 5 at Lincoln Center
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New York Fashion Week Everyday Style: Day 5 at Lincoln Center

My name is: Olivia Barr

What I do: "I do wardrobe and styling, personal shopping."

Show I am going to: "This is our first day here, so I'm just on my way to see Carolina Herrera."

I am wearing: "I have Alice + Olivia pants on, a J.Crew belt, some pieces from Forever 21, and my jewelry is vintage."

My style: "Definitely a bit eclectic; it's rainy today so I decided to go bright."

Olivia Barr

Olivia Barr    

Olivia Barr

My name is: Jana Williams

What I do: "I am a photographer."

Show I am going to: "I'm just heading out from the Mathieu Mirano presentation; it was very cool with lots of rose and lime colors."

I am wearing: "I'm wearing Zara boots, Zara pants, Zara jacket, a random denim shirt, Urban Outfitters hat, and the jewelry is Lionette."

My style: "I have to be very comfortable since I'm a photographer; hip, comfortable, and practical."

Jana Williams

Jana Williams

My name is: Tinsley Mortimer

What I do: "I actually design clothing and handbags for Japanese companies with Samantha Thavasa."

Show I am going to: "Right now I'm headed into Carolina Herrera. I also can't wait for Alice + Olivia tonight."

I am wearing: "I'm wearing Louboutin shoes, the bag is my own, and everything else is Carolina Herrera."

My style: "I'm a girly-girl; I love getting dressed up and wearing dresses."

Tinsley Mortimer

Tinsley Mortimer

My name is: Kate Wasserbach

What I do: "I'm actually a fashion designer at Parson's; I'm in my last semester of my senior year."

Show I am going to: "I just saw the ICB show and it was pretty good. My favorite so far was Alexander Wang; I loved Alexander Wang."

I am wearing: "I'm wearing all All Saints except for my Chloe shoes. My jewelry is all random pieces from vintage stores."

My style: "I'm sophisticated, yet I like to wear some military or boyish items. I also like heavier items with a thicker construction."

Kate Wasserbach

Kate Wasserbach

Kate Wasserbach

My name is: Rhiannon Yarrow

What I do: "I work for Siren PR."

Show I am going to: "I was here here to see ICB. I'm really excited about Jenny Packham tomorrow."

I am wearing: "I'm wearing a vintage blouse and skirt, a Rodarte jumper, my coat is The Row, the shoes are Zara, and my bag is Jill Sander."

My style: "Oh gosh I'm a mix of everything! It's all basically based on how I feel in the morning."

Rhiannon Yarrow

Rhiannon Yarrow

Rhiannon Yarrow

My name is: Caroline Kallback

What I do: "I'm a freelance video editor here in New York; I used to model when I had come here from Sweden four years ago."

Show I am going to: "I was just here seeing ICB; it was amazing. I actually ran to Target yesterday to grab some pieces from the collection they released."

I am wearing: "It's a mix; my hat is vintage, my coat is vintage, and so is my blouse. The shoes are from United Nude, the pants are Cheap Monday, and the bag is from Target."

My style: "It's all based on my mood; when I wake up and ask myself how I'm feeling today and run with it...usually I'm pretty colorful. I have to say that I got my passion for fashion from my mom."

Caroline Kallback

Caroline Kallback

My name is: Meagan Owen

What I do: "I am an event planner for a Fortune 100 company, I write for Twenty Something Magazine, and I also run my own blog."

Show I am going to: "Sadly I'll be missing J.Crew and Rachel Zoe as I'm heading home soon but today I saw ICB and Carolina Herrera."

I am wearing: "I'm wearing almost all J.Crew. The only items that aren't are the glasses from Dolce & Gabanna, the shoes are Louboutin, the bag is Kate Spade, and the umbrella is Gap."

My style: "I like to think that I live a very Kate Spade 'Live Colorfully' motto."

Meagan Owen

Meagan Owen

Meagan Owen

My name is: Marta de la Calzada

What I do: "I'm a fashion editor for Grazia Magazine in Spain."

Show I am going to: "I just came from Carolina Herrera. Also I have seen Tommy Hilfiger and Delpozo."

I am wearing: "I'm wearing all Miu Miu except from my shoes, which are Minnetonka."

My style: "I think my style is cute and playful, yet feminine and sexy."

Marta de la Calzada

Marta de la Calzada

Marta de la Calzada

My name is: Marisa Herrera

What I do: "I'm a fashion producer for Quien Magazine in Mexico."

Show I am going to: "I was here today to see Carolina Herrera."

I am wearing: "I'm wearing a Zara jacket, a BCBG dress, the necklace is H&M, the bag is Louis Vuitton, and my shoes are Zara as well."

My style: "I'd have to say eclectic."

Marisa Herrera

Marisa Herrera

My name is: Maria Pia Fouilloux

What I do: "I'm a freelance journalist."

Show I am going to: "I was here seeing Carolina Herrera."

I am wearing: "I'm wearing a Forever 21 jacket, Zara boots, an H&M skirt, a Forever 21 necklace, and an H&M hat."

My style: "I like to keep it casual; I'm generally in jeans and a jacket. Nothing too fancy."

Maria Pia Fouilloux

Maria Pia Fouilloux

Maria Pia Fouilloux

My name is: Ariadna Losada

What I do: "I work in PR for CH Carolina Herrera."

Show I am going to: "I was here to see Carolina Herrera."

I am wearing: "My entire look head to toe is Carolina Herrera."

My style: "Sometimes I feel I'm so dressy but I like to give my look a little twist whether it be with my makeup or hair."

Ariadna Losada

Ariadna Losada

My name is: Eloranna Ballon

What I do: "I actually work in communications for CH Carolina Herrera."

Show I am going to: "I'm here to see the Carolina Herrera show."

I am wearing: "I am only wearing Carolina Herrera; it's from different seasons but it's all Carolina."

My style: "I love to mix classic clothes with more modern items. Also, I always love a good accessory."

Eloranna Ballon

Eloranna Ballon


It's day 5 of New York Fashion Week, and the women of New York continue to prove to us that rain, sleet, snow or shine, they will brave any weather to see their favorite designers.

And just as they're willing to continue to come out in droves, we've loved seeing how they work their style around the elements, and even incorporate the elements into their ensembles. From amazing coats to sturdy yet stunning boots - and even some adorable umbrellas! - ladies, you are the inspiration that makes this week a success.

Click through the gallery above to see some of our favorite everyday style outfits from day 5, and tune in for the next few days for the rest of our Fashion Week coverage!


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