New York Fashion Week Everyday Style: Day 1 at Lincoln Center

New York Fashion Week Everyday Style: Day 1 at Lincoln Center
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New York Fashion Week Everyday Style: Day 1 at Lincoln Center

My name is: Zanita Morgan

What I do: "I'm a fashion blogger."

Show I am going to: "I am actually here shooting street style but I'll be going to Tome later. I'm looking forward to Tommy Hilfiger and DVF too."

I am wearing: "My coat is from Acne, my scarf is vintage, American Apparel jeans, and the boots are Doc Martens."

My style: "I would say everything I wear is either very colorful or oversized. I really like wearing things from the 90's and I admit I'm a bit of a tom boy."

My name is: Artemis Psiopiou

What I do: "I am a musician and I am a part of Julliard."

Show I am going to: "I am actually not going to any shows but was just passing by the area. However I love Prada and Alice + Olivia since they've come to New York."

I am wearing: "I am wearing shoes from Jimmy Choo, Phillip Lim trousers, a Zara blazer, and a Zara coat."

My style: "I like to think that my style is very classic."

Artemis Psiopiou
Artemis Psiopiou
Artemis Psiopiou

My name is: Kivvi Roberts

What I do: "I work for APC."

Show I am going to: "I'm actually not going to any shows today but just wanted to come by and check out the madness. If I was going to any shows I'd love to see Isabella Marant and Stella McCartney."

I am wearing: "I'm wearing APC, coat is Gap, the skirt and necklace is J.Crew, and the denim shirt is Club Monaco."

My style: "I think for today I wanted something simple and colorful with no prints."

Kivvi Roberts

My name is: Kika Hazan

What I do: "I work in the fur industry with my mother."

Show I am going to: "I was just at BCBG and then Timo."

I am wearing: "Today I'm wearing mostly BCBG."

My style: "Very simple with a few pieces that stand out. I like black, beige, and white a lot. For accessories I try to stand out with color a bit more."

Kika Hazan
Kika Hazan

My name is: Jordana Hazan

What I do: "I own a PR firm that focuses primarily on emerging designers and muscians."

Show I am going to: "I saw BCBG earlier and now I just got out of the Timo show."

I am wearing: "Today I am wearing express, the shoes are from a random boutique in Paris, the stockings are American Apparel, my jacket is from All Saints, and the bag is Gucci."

My style: "My style is all about how I feel so it changes every day; I could wake up and want to wear printed tights with a funky off-the-shoulder loose top or I could wake up and want to wear gown. I don't like to follow trends I just like to trust my mood."

Jordana Hazan

My name is: Marina Zvidrina

What I do: "I'm a fashion blogger."

Show I am going to: "This is actually my first fashion week in New York; I'm in town visiting my friend and figured it would be fun to come down and see it first hand. I won't be seeing any shows I just came by to take some photos."

I am wearing: "The coat is Ralph Lauren, the shoes are unknown as they came without any labels or tags, the scarf is from my high school, and the rest is vintage."

My style: "My style is generally consistent with this look especially on this trip. I'm actually traveling with only 4 outfits so it's pretty easy for my to decide what I'm going to wear each day."

Marina Zvidrina
Marina Zvidrina

My name is: Saida Mouradova

What I do: "I am a blog is bi-lingual in both Russian and English. I also own a company that acts a middle man between the designers and companies."

Show I am going to: "BCBG blew my mind today! There was a very limited color palette being mostly black and white with a touch of burgundy and navy. The textures are what really did it for me though; the parkas were just amazing."

I am wearing: "I am wearing a DKNY coat, Ralph Lauren men's cardigan, H&M denim shirt, Romwe tights, shoes and necklace J.Crew, gloves Banana Republic, and the bag is Marc Jacobs."

My style: "My style is either really out there pushing the limits, or menswear/1920's/1930's inspired. I love vintage shopping and in New York many of my amazing finds are at Vice Versa."

Saida Mouradova
Saida Mouradova

My name is: Dakota Bossard

What I do: "I'm actually a freelance assistant for multiple stylists and a student full-time."

Show I am going to: "Today we're just visiting kicking fashion week off right and I'll be assisting on a few shows tomorrow."

I am wearing: "My pants are H&M and the rest of the outfit is Zara."

My style: "I would say that it's a very youthful take on a classic style."

Dakota Bossard
Dakota Bossard

My name is: Engie Hassan

What I do: "I'm a fashion stylist."

Show I am going to: "I'm looking forward to seeing Marc Jacobs, DVF, and pretty much everyone else."

I am wearing: "This is a vintage Louie Vuitton coat, the bracelets and ring are both Svarkovski while my earrings are vintage Cartier."

My style: "I like to mix luxury with smaller and emerging designers in my every day."

Engie Hassan

My name is: Charline De Luca

What I do: "I am a shoe designer."

Show I am going to: "I'm here as a part of the exhibition at the FIT Museum. Today I won't be seeing any shows but I look forward seeing Vera Wang and Narciso Rodriguez  this week."

My style: "My personal style is kind of minimal; I am an architect so I like to dress very linear with very clean lines with some funky accessories like my jewelry."

Charline De Luca
Charline De Luca

My name is: Alexandra Amarotica

What I do: "I'm a fashion blogger at"

Show I am going to: "Actually I'm just trying to get accredited today. So that's the goal for today and then I want to see every show."

I am wearing: "I'm wearing a vintage Pendleton coat, a Pieces scarf, Zara boots, an Oasis dress, and a Jami ring."

My style: "I'd like to think I'm very classic an feminine; you know I'm not a size two so I play up my assets. I generally wear a-line skirts with cinched waists."

Alexandra Amarotica
Alexandra Amarotica

One of our favorite parts of Fashion Week is the epic street style. Bloggers, fashionistas, editors, and style enthusiasts alike all come out dressed to the nines in hopes to impress their peers, and secretly to get snapped by a fashion photog.

Day 1 of NY Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 2013 Collections, lived up to our street style expectations. While we saw lots of leather, black and white, and high slits on the runways, we saw tons of laid-back yet très chic looks outside Lincoln Center.

Check out our gallery of our 12 best dressed fashionistas attending the shows on Day 1 of New York Fashion Week.


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