Mother's Day Memories and Tips from Mom

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Mother's Day Memories and Tips from Mom

Blondes look best in black.

Do NOT wear clothing with animals on it or telling anyone who or what you love (like cats).

My mom never left the house without teasing her hair (from the 80s and beyond)! It wasn't until a few years ago that she finally gave up the thin comb and started using a regular brush.

When it comes to style, my mother has always taught me to dress like a lady, but also dress true to myself.  I think of this photo as a perfect snapshot of my childhood: at our beach house on a warm summer day, with my favorite person in the world.  And it pretty clearly shows where my love for polka dots began…

My mom taught me how to do my own makeup. The perfect eyeshadow consists of a light base shadow, a darker shadow in the crease, and a bright shimmer in the corner to make the eyes appear bigger. She is the most beautiful person I know – inside and out! 

My mom loved to mix classic pieces to make them on trend.

The best is when I can bring back some of her funky jumpsuits and leather pants that she wore when she was younger—who said the 80s are out of style?
My grandmother brings water and vinegar to a boil, removes it from the heat and dips her hairbrush in it. She always has the cleanest brush.

My cousins and I grew up going to our Grandparents house on the beach. My grandma loved wearing dresses like the one in this photograph.

My mom always told me "a woman's best friend" was a black permanent marker. Use a black permanent marker to cover up scuff marks on your black boots or shoes. If you don't have time to get them repaired, it's an easy way to cover the mark.

My Grandma is obsessed with Lord and Taylor and still has a ton of jewelry from when she was young. She's given me a couple pieces that I always wear.

This Mother's Day, the StyleList editors look back at some of the best moments we had with our mothers and grandmothers. Whether these memories where at the makeup counter or waiting for Grandma to put lunch on the table, we've all got special moments with the most important women in our lives.

"I remember going with my mom to her college reunion and thinking how stylish all the professional women were when in reality, it was the shoulder pads making the statement," said Abby. "I'm pretty sure my mom is the reason I love to dress in girly prints and classic silhouettes," reflected Logan.

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