Moschino's Spring campaign had a serious photoshop mishap

Out Of Whack: Photoshop Fails
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Moschino's Spring campaign had a serious photoshop mishap

In the November 2011 issue of Vogue: Russia singer Adam Levine and girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna bared it all. Shortly after being published many people began to notice that something was awry. Can you spot what people were talking about?

Adam's torso is startlingly about half the size it should be. Anne's leg definitely isn't big enough to shield that much of his body!
We love this vintage-inspired ad from American Apparel, but something seems... wrong.

Some things can seemingly vanish into thin air but the entire rear-end of a horse? We don't think so.

We absolutely adore this knit dress but it seems amiss.

Sucking in when your photo is being taken is one of the oldest tricks in the book but something tells us that this look isn't au natural.

Karlie Kloss always looks simply gorgeous in whatever she is, or isn't wearing, and this is just more proof of that. However, even in being blinded by her stunning looks we managed to spot the flaw. Can you?

Does Karli have two underarms? Ah, the classic mistake of stray shadows.

Style icon Kate Moss is always atop our favorites list; coupled with her beautiful daughter Lila Grace this photo is just timeless. Shortly after circulation comments began to arise regarding something missing. At first we couldn't put our finger on what it was but we eventually found it.

Take a closer look at Lila Grace's right hand and you'll notice that she's a few fingers short of the usual.

It didn't surprise us that Suri Cruise was deemed the most stylish child. But when this Star Magazine cover, featuring her and mom Katie Holmes, came out, something didn't sit right with us.

Suri appears to have matured a few years overnight, her face filled out quite a bit. That on top of the overly smooth skin left us questioning how much of the real Suri we're getting to see.

When it comes to safe sports, surfing is certainly not high up on the list; countless people have lost their limbs and lives while hunting after the perfect ride. One would think that from the photo Liza Richardson would have an interesting story to tell. Do you see what we're hinting at?

Maybe it's just the angle but it appears to us that Richardson is without a second arm which would likely make paddling out a bit more tricky.

The model on the cover of this issue of Poland's Shape looks more than beach ready in her sexy flesh tone one-piece. While lusting over her figure we couldn't help spot something that seemed not-so-right. Click through to find out!

Sure we know that shoe sizes vary between countries but we didn't get the memo that the same applies for hand size.

Victoria's Secret Angel Doutzen Kroes looks incredible laying poolside in this image from Vogue Japan but something doesn't size up to us.

We'd like to think that Kroes' leg is hanging off to the side dipped in the cool water, but that's just not the truth now is it?

Hollywood star Zooey Deschanel was featured in a recent ad campaign for Rimmel cosmetics. The beauty got up close and personal with the camera showing off her flawless skin. However we couldn't help but notice her looking a bit different than usual.

With harsh shadows and uneven proportions, this doesn't appear to be the Zooey Deschanel that we all know and love.


Moschino's spring campaign, a black and white affair shot by Steven Meisel, is admirable for a few reasons. Solid casting, for starters, with Hollie-May Saker, Anna Ewers and Sasha Luss leaping and mugging for the camera like leggy triplets. And it somehow makes the Barbie-themed collection, which was ridiculous veering into garish on the runway, look cool. We'd chalk that up to a combination of Ewers and languid hair.

Just, uh, one question. Where is Sasha Luss's left leg?

Maybe it got scared. Maybe it's taking a mental health day. Maybe it was still getting its leg makeup done and didn't get to set on time. Who knows! Actually, maybe Sasha Luss's right leg does.

Big hat tip to the eagle eyes over at The Fashion Spot who first pointed out this Photoshop fun. A Moschino rep didn't immediately respond to request for comment, but we'll update when we hear back.

Check out a few other Photoshop fails in the gallery above!

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