Miley Cyrus' shocking style transformation

Miley Cyrus Style Transformation
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Miley Cyrus' shocking style transformation
Adorable tot Miley sat with country star father Billy Ray Cyrus just a month before her 2nd birthday.
13-year-old Miley showed off her pearly whites while dad Billy Ray took a more serious approach.
Miley rocked a blazer and jeans at a Disney Channel event.
Appearing at MTV, young Miley Cyrusflashed her signature smile and wore a red top.
Miley Cyrus hit the red carpet wearing white cowboy boots.
As Hannah Montana, Miley wore her signature blonde wig to perform as her hit Disney Channel character.
Miley hit the red carpet in this colorful frock for the 40th Annual Country Music Awards.
Wearing a short yellow plaid skirt, Miley showed off her long locks.
Miley rocked a red lip way before it became trendy in 2013.
This red mini was too cute, and perfect for the red carpet.
We're not sure what was going on with Miley's temporarily dark locks.
Miley attended the 2008 Grammy awards in a lustrous dress that highlighted her super brunette hair color.
Flashing her smile, Miley once again wore red on the red carpet.
Miley wore a floral frock to the 2008 CMT Music Awards.

Filming for "Hannah Montana: The Movie" Miley was decked out in her classic Hannah Montana wig in the summer of '08.

This dress is cute, but definitely not awards show-appropriate!
Taking floral to the extreme, Miley walked down the 2008 CMA red carpet in this blown-up floral dress.
Miley Cyrus stunned in black and glittery gold at the 2008 American Music Awards.
Radiant in all black, Miley was beautiful at the 2009 Grammy Awards.
Miley walked the red carpet for the premiere of "Hannah Montana: The Movie" wearing a black leather jacket and knee-high black leather boots.
Too cute! Miley rocked peplum for the red carpet premiere of "Hannah Montana: The Movie."
Miley Cyrus showed major leg.
Miley sparked major controversy with this performance hanging on a pole.
If we ignore the fish nets, we've loving this red carpet look.
All about the leather.
Hm...camo tutu? We're not sure what's going on with this look.
Ripped jeans, Miley doesn't care.
We can always count on Miley's long locks to be absolutely enviable.
This cream dress is absolutely gorgeous.
Miley stepped out on the red carpet with then-beau Liam Hemsworth.
Look at those locks!
Miley started to vamp up her looked in 2010.
Miley definitely left Hannah Montana behind.

We love Miley's look, but we're not fans of her bob haircut.

Super sexy Miley.
Miley hit the red carpet in all white, looking absolutely gorgeous.
Super fun and cute, Miley went back to her style roots.
Miley attended the 2011 MTV VMAs, giving us a slight preview of what she'll look like with shorter hair.
Miley stunned in this sheer white dress.
Rocking a red lip, Miley looked absolutely radiant at a Vanity Fair event.
Eek! We're not big fans of Miley's hair at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards.
Short hair!
Miley completely revamped her look in September 2012.
Short hair and spikes, Miley is not Hannah Montana anymore.
We're loving these sexy cutouts.
Miley rocked this ultimate trendy sweatshirt in February 2013.
Miley stunned in simple white.
Miley was definitely a shock to the senses with black and white strips and a bold red lip.
Miley shocked the world with this insane look at the 2013 Met Gala.
Miley attended the Maxim Hot 100 party looking gorgeous in a jumper, except she forgot to check her makeup!
These pants are half sweatpants, and half jeans. Seriously.
Miley took thigh-high boots to the next level with these red bottoms.
Miley stunned in this blue Pucci look.
Miley rocked this sexy Versace look in summer 2013.
Visiting "Good Morning America," Miley showed off her midriff in this two piece punch hole cutout look.
Miley took to the 2013 Teen Choice Awards red carpet wearing this revealing leather and sheer look.
Miley's red carpet look at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards was definitely tame compared to what she wore on stage.
Could this be Miley's most shocking look ever?
Backstage at the 2013 VMAs, Miley continued to shock.
Only Miley could one-up her VMA style, and she defintely did with this barely-there outfit!
Miley proved she could make headlines even when she wore a simple, glittering dress.
Miley wore this anti-violence getup at the MTV EMAs.
What's going on with those sleeves?
Back to true form, Miley blinded us with neon as she hit the month of her 21st birthday.

From country star Billy Ray Cyrus' little girl to worldwide phenomenon Hannah Montana to her current status as twerking queen, Miley Cyrus has been in the public eye for most of her young life.

While she used to don her blonde wig for Disney Channel, she's now rocking her short bleach blonde locks on stage for MTV, shocking everyone with every new outfit.

Today, November 23rd, the singer and actress celebrates her 21st birthday, and boy, did Miley have quite the 2013. From covering Cosmopolitan to getting her Vogue covered canceled, to wearing barely-there outfits, to surprising the world with her shocking MTV Video Music Awards performance,

Click through the gallery above to see Miley Cyrus' style transformation from toddler to superstar!
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