Michelle Obama and Jennifer Aniston Inspire 4000% Increase in Upper Arm Plastic Surgery

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Michelle Obama and Jennifer Aniston Inspire 4000% Increase in Upper Arm Plastic Surgery
The First Lady wears more sleeveless dresses than any other type of gown. She's not afraid to bare those toned arms.
Her secret? According to Fitness.com, Michelle finds time for an early morning workouts with her husband before dropping Sasha and Malia off to school. 
With 31% of the vote, Michelle Obama's arms have been the topic of conversation for years.
44-year-old Jennifer Aniston has amazing toned and sexy arms.
29% of women polled said they admired Jen's arms the most.
Her secret? YOGA! The actress is an avid yogi and her trainer Mandy Ingber credits the low impact stretching and strength training for its success.
Jessica Biel has always been sporty and her style reflects this. 
16% of respondents said they admired Jessica's toned & sleek arms.    
Her secret? According to PopFit, Jessica spends plenty of time outdoors walking her dog, works out in a circuit routine, and is a huge fan of Yoga.
42-year-old Kelly Ripa is a "brickhouse." Her arms are rock solid!    
13% of respondents said they admired Kelly's muscular & sexy arms.    
Her secret? Kelly is a hardcore vegetarian and loves to take spinning classes, specifically SoulCycle, which integrates arm workouts into your spin class.
50-year-old Demi Moore is no stranger to getting "buff" for a role. In 'G.I. Jane' she kicked some serious butt.
11% of respondents said they admired Demi's thin & toned arms.    
Her secret? A strict protein diet and regular workouts.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) released its annual report yesterday and, according to the group, elective upper arm surgery is one of the fastest growing plastic surgery trends.

The procedure, called brachioplasty, addresses the phenomenon of so-called 'bingo wings'–that loose, floppy skin that jiggles on your upper arms. (I've also heard them called "yoo hoos," as in your old aunt waving her arms frantically and saying in a high voice, "Yoo hoo! Over here!" Anyway, you probably have a visual now.) Over 15,000 women got an upper arm procedure in 2012, which is an increase of 4,378% since 2000.

The ASPS presented some poll data that gives a hint about why the procedure, which leaves a visible scar from your elbow to your armpit, has become so popular, and of course it involves celebrities. "Celebrities from the White House to the red carpet may be having an influence," the ASPS reports.
According to the poll there are five celebs whose arms women most admire:
  • Michelle Obama (31%)
  • Jennifer Aniston (29%)
  • Jessica Biel (16%)
  • Kelly Ripa (13%)
  • Demi Moore (11%)
It's not a shocker that Michelle Obama came in at number one–the First Lady is known for her admirable guns (the kind connected to your shoulder, not the kind the Senate recently refused to restrict, ahem). It's interesting that four out of five of these celebs–the exception is the 31-year-old Jessica Biel–are over the age of 40. But it probably makes sense, since 48% of people opting for cosmetic surgery are between the ages of 40 and 54.

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