Meet the blogger behind The Blue Closet

The Blue Closet interview
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Meet the blogger behind The Blue Closet
Photo credit: The Blue Closet
Photo credit: The Blue Closet
Photo credit: The Blue Closet
Photo credit: The Blue Closet
Photo credit: The Blue Closet
Cassaundra Hull of The Blue Closet is one of the newer members of the StyeList Contributor Network, but she's already proven to be one of the most unique.

As for why that is, it has a whole lot to do with her three adorable kiddos, who Cassaundra has taught to dress just as stylishly as she does. We sat down with Cassaundra to chat about her blog, personal style, and life as a mom and entrepreneur.

StyleList (SL): How did you become a blogger?
Cassaundra Hull: Gift-giving is a true love of mine because I can hunt and hunt to find the perfect thing for my loved ones. My friends and family have always come to me when searching for something --anything. Blogging about children, fashion, and life seems like the perfect fit for me. I love graphic design, photography and getting dressed so I created The Blue Closet as a place where I can participate in all of these creative endeavors while hopefully helping people find exactly what they are looking for. It's like gift shopping every day.

SL:Where does the name "The Blue Closet" come from?
CH: For two years my oldest son only wore the color blue, from his shoes to his hats. One day while at the doctor's office I asked the doctor if I should be concerned with his blue obsession. He started laughing at me and said, "I am sorry, I am just sitting here imagining his whole closet filled with stacks of blue." It was true. There were stacks of blue everywhere. The name is actually very sentimental to me because he was my first child and it was a very poignant part of his little life. The time with his blue closet taught me so much about who he is a person even today.

SL: What's the best part about being a blogger?
Meeting and working with other creative people has been really fun. I am excited for small companies and brands with great design. I love being able to dive in and see what is going on in an artist's head. It is also really great when someone tells me they got an outfit or idea from my blog.

SL: Tell us about your personal style.
CH: I am largely inspired by living in Southern California. My family and my husband's family have lived here forever and it is a unique place. We are outside of Los Angeles and live close to the beach. A great deal of our lives are lived outdoors -- camping, swimming, beaching, riding bikes and skateboards. We are always on the go and our style reflects that. For me personally, that means feeling put together yet comfortable enough to play with my kids and carry my toddler around. I have a somewhat androgynous style. I wear a lot of blacks, grays, whites and denim. I almost always layer, no matter the temperature. I like bringing interest through texture rather then color. This fall I am craving a Helmut Lang black blazer to wear with a white tee and distressed boyfriend jeans and Helmut Lang leather pants to wear with sandals and loose gray tops. My favorite places to shop are Shopbop, Madewell, Topshop and ASOS.

Cassaundra's sweet daughter Ruby appears on The Blue Closet every week, as a model in the aptly-named "Ruby Tuesday" series. Click through the gallery above to see some of Cassaundra and Ruby's outfit creations!
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