Meet the blogger behind Natalie Dressed

Natalie Dressed
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Meet the blogger behind Natalie Dressed

"In 2010 i started a blog and had like two posts, and it was awful and terrible -- like outfit mirror shots. I didn't keep up with it. I had always been interested in fashion and having just graduated college, I was having a hard time finding a job related to fashion, so I decided to start a blog again and try to create  something for myself. It's been a really good outlet for me. Creatively, it's been awesome."

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"The majority of the skills I have that are really valuable, I've learned from blogging. And most rewarding is the friendships I've gained from blogging. I feel like I've meant so many like-minded people who I wouldn't have met without the blog." 

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"I shop all over the place, I shop anywhere from Nordstrom to Target. I've been shopping a lot at ASOS recently, and I LOVE Zara. J.Crew, Forever 21, H&M -- it's always a range, it just depends on where I'm going and what I need."

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"My favorite designers -- I really love Jason Wu, I feel like he can go from edgy to super-girly. He always has a unique take on things. I love Rachel Zoe because I feel like her clothes are so wearable."

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"The meaning (behind Natalie Dressed) is actually based on the phrase 'nattily dressed' -- I had never heard it before, and I looked it up and it essentially means smart or fashionably dressed. I feel like that message, in not just clothing, but in all areas of your life, is very important and super fun. I like the dual meaning and I like that I can put my name on it and kind of have the play on words too."

Photo credit: Natalie Dressed


Twice a week, StyleList sits down with one of the newest members of our contributor network, and talks about the art of blogging.

This weekend, we bring you Natalie Dressed, all the way from San Jose, California.

Natalie's relatable, versatile style is the perfect fit for StyleList. Whether she's feeling edgy or feminine, she always gets it just right.

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