Meet the blogger behind Luella & June

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Meet the blogger behind Luella & June

"I started Luella & June with one of my roommates in college the day after we graduated. We'd just been reading so many blogs. I guess that's kind of when they started -- my senior year of college. She doesn't do it anymore but I kind of kept it going. At the beginning I had about three readers -- my mom, my sister and me basically. But i just kept posting and it just worked out. It's really the best part of my day. I get so excited to do it and i love it."

"One of the key points to Dallas women's style -- we're not afraid of color. We don't shy away from it. It's something we embrace."
"I stick to really classic pieces and definitely tailored, but I switch it up with accessories. I love edgier pieces like Tom Binns." 
"I think one of the biggest things I've learned (and I make a rule for myself) -- I really try to schedule time for work. I don't allow my laptop to come in the bedroom with me." 

"There's so much going on in terms of fashion, style, art, and culture. There's so much inspiration here that you can't get bored, from all the new restaurants to the great new arts district. You're constantly inspired. With the Dallas fashion bloggers, there's so many of us that I've made such good friends with all these girls. We really work together on things and it's a really fun group to be a part of."


Dallas girl Bradley Agather is not only a fashion editor at her local newspaper and magazine, she's runs the popular (and expertly curated) lifestyle blog, Luella & June. Most importantly, she happens to be one of the latest bloggers to join the StyleList contributor network.

Don't let Bradley's penchant for clean lines and classic, tailored styles fool you --she's all about the perfect pop of color and boho chic accent. It's hard not to fall in love with and get addicted to her shopping lists, What I Love Right Now features, and unique outfit posts.

To get more of a feel for Bradley's style, click through our gallery and view our interview with her!

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