Get a sneak peak inside Man Repeller's new NYC office

Man Repeller's Office
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Get a sneak peak inside Man Repeller's new NYC office
Leandra Medine
Mix and match the things you need with the things you just like looking at for a successfully accessorized shelf.
Baskets keep the massive volume of incoming packages organized.
These Stuart Weitzman sandals (in a different color) can also be seen in this project! Twins.
Prints of cool Nolita restaurants by the artist befittingly called Knowlita hang over a pretty gold console that stores booze and coffee.
These cute vintage glasses were found on Etsy.
Though it's an open floor plan, grouped furnishings help to differentiate between areas like the bar, conference and lounge.
These copper chairs are game changers. They look great in pictures (that color!) but they look incredible IRL.
Just lounging on her couch. That's a Jay Ezra print above Leandra and a Blu Dot couch beneath her.

A copper coffee table to match the copper chairs (also from Blu Dot).

For the full Man Repeller office renovation, check out Homepolish


As soon as we saw Leandra Medine's chic new Man Repeller headquarters in NYC, we knew the folks at Homepolish were up to something good. The interior design gurus behind Homepolish work by the hour to create the Pinterest-worthy space of your dreams -- no matter the budget or scale of your project. For some seriously covetable interiors inspiration, follow them @Homepolish.

When we found out Man Repeller founder Leandra Medine and her team were leaving the cute office Homepolish designer Margaret had decorated we were a little bummed (it was very cute). But then she asked us to design her bigger, better office to accommodate more employees and we were very psyched! Working with both Homepolish CEO Noa and our designer Andrea, the empty office was transformed into a well-layered, subtly-patterned, sartorially-conscious space to match the Man Repeller's aesthetic.

The first step in creating the ideal setting was to find furniture and accessories that catered to Leandra's witty, whimsical style while still being functional. A shelving unit provides storage for all of the shoes, hats, jewels and bags that style stars are inundated with daily while leaving room for Leandra and co to fill the few empty spaces with their choice of necessary objects (cameras, art, a copy of her book and more shoes). Amazing copper chairs and big table from Blu Dot clearly define the office's conference area and Knowlita prints iconize favorite Nolita restaurants in clean black and white lines, helping differentiate the bar/coffee area from the rest of the office.

Andrea's tip for making a professional space special is to include elements of both the company's personality and reminders of what it was like before it was a massively successful enterprise. The posterboard dictionary definition of "Man Repeller" lived in their first office too and a print from Leandra's friend (and Tappan Collective artist), Jay Ezra, hangs above the sofa. Meeting the company's professional needs and style conscious wants, the new Man Repeller office is the perfect place for pushing the boundaries of fashion journalism.

Click through the gallery for more photos of Man Repeller's new office space.
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