Louise Roe's Beauty Secrets

Louise Roe's Beauty Secrets
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Louise Roe's Beauty Secrets


Pulsed light zaps down the hair shaft into the follicle, where it destroys the hair's root. Within a week or two, that hair falls out, never to be seen again. But hair grows in cycles, so to get completely hairless in any area, takes around 7 sessions, with a touch-up once a year thereafter.

Does it Hurt? Where the hair is thicker, yes, it can feel like a rubber band being snapped on you, pretty hard. But other areas you can barely feel at all.

Tip: If you’re on the West Coast, head to iGlow Med Spa in Beverly Hills, which is the best in the business and where I had my treatment. It was excellent. Nataly Gold, the owner, has both the regular laser for white skins (which works best with brunette hairs) and also the Nd:YAG equipment, which is the only laser safe for black skin. www.Iglowmedspa.com

Cost: between $150 and $1000, depending on how many areas you wish to treat.

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Ok ouch, this apparently really hurts, but the results are worth it. Completely permanent hair removal, with no touch-ups required, electrolysis uses a tiny needle that slides down into the hair follicle and destroys the cells that cause growth. The hair will release immediately, game over.

Tip: Local anesthetic creams applied beforehand can help numb the pain, ask your therapist.

Cost: Between $40 and $90 per treatment, with 10 to 25 treatment, and removal is done hair by hair.

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Soy waxes and hard wax are my favorite newer types of wax. Aveda spas make their own and it’s way less painful than old fashioned strip wax. Soy wax doesn’t stick to the skin – it just bonds to the hair – so it’s a lot kinder and quicker on your body.

Tip: Soy waxing removes the entire hair from root to shaft, so it’s essential to use an antibacterial lotion afterwards to prevent infection. Aloe Vera gel is also very calming if your skin is easily irritated after waxing.
Cost: ranges from $10 for an upper lip, to over $100 for larger areas at certain spas.

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Contrary to popular belief, shaving does not make the hair grow back coarser – but the effects are very temporary. Razors have come a long way in the last few years, and personally, I think mens’ ones are a lot better than womens’. The Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor has extremely thin blades, a micro comb to guide hairs to the blades, a button to make it gently vibrate, so it can get even closer to the skin, and a strip that excretes mineral oil to keep your legs or under-arms moisturized.

Tip: Never dry shave, always wet the skin and use a shaving foam or oil (my favorite is The Art of Shaving’s Pre-Shave Oil) first. Make sure you replace your razor every 3-4 weeks before it gets blunt.

Razor Cost: from $10

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Depilatory Creams

Nair is one of the most popular and effective hair removal creams. It works by dissolving the protein compound that makes up hair, below the skin, so stubble is way less than with shaving. Treatments need to be repeated weekly or fortnightly.

Tip: Apply just before a shower and then wash off with your best-smelling soap. The scent, much like fake tan, isn’t particularly pleasant, and can linger.

Cost: Between $5-10 per tube.

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Plucking pulls hair out at the root, and it will grow back with the next cycle, in a few weeks. Tweezed hair grows back with a tapered end, meaning it is softer and less noticeable when it first comes in. Eventually, however, it will grow back to its normal thickness.

Tip: Tweezerman make the best ever tweezers for brows, and don’t over pluck: thin eyebrows are ageing. Full, arched brows are the most flattering way to frame your face, so take your time, and pull back from the mirror for a better perspective as you go, to keep both brows balanced.

Cost: $22 from Sephora

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Hair today, gone tomorrow!

Sick of shaving my legs, I started laser treatment on them to remove the hair for-(pretty much)-ever. Here's the skinny on that experience, and other ways to stave off the stubble...

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