Look of the week: Get Jennifer Aniston's 'We're the Millers' premiere glow

Jen looked nothing short of luminous at the German premiere of her latest movie. Want to get a glow like Jen's? It's easier than you think!

Jennifer Aniston, 44, always looks like a million bucks even when she's not wearing makeup! So we were hardly surprised that she looked amazing when she showed up to the German premiere of her latest movie, We're The Millers, in Berlin on August 15. And while it was a given that Jen would look great, we still couldn't believe how fabulous her glowing skin looked.

Jennifer Aniston's Glowing Skin - How To Get Her Look

Like we said, Jen pretty much always looks fantastic - seriously, can you even think of a time in the past decade when she's looked even a little sub-par? Us neither. So when she hit the red carpet on August 15 we were, of course, smitten with her look.

While Jen's look was slightly more edgy than what we're used to seeing on her, we still think she looked fantastic and that her glowing skin really helped to anchor her look. She also wore her hair slightly tousled and slicked back and rocked a black McQueen dress.

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