Live blog: Watch Carrie Underwood in the Sound of Music LIVE with us!

Sound of Music LIVE
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Live blog: Watch Carrie Underwood in the Sound of Music LIVE with us!
Kristine Nielson as Frau Schmidt, Stephen Moyer as Captain Von Trapp, Sean Cullen as Franz.
Michael Nigro as Friedrich, Ariane Rinehart as Liesl, Peyton Ella as Gretl, Joe West as Kurt, Grace Grundhaug as Marta, Sophia Ann Caruso as Brigitta, Christian Borle as Max Detweiler, Ella Watts-Gorman as Louisa.
Ariane Rinehart as Liesl, Michael Campayno as Rolf Gruber, singing "Sixteen Going on Seventeen."
The children with Carrie Underwood as Maria, singing "The Lonely Goatherd." 
The children sing "So Long, Farewell" as they head off to bed.
Carrie Underwood as Maria.
Carrie Underwood as Maria, Stephen Moyer as Captain Von Trapp.
Carrie Underwood as Maria on her wedding day.
Stephen Moyer as Captain Von Trapp, Carrie Underwood as Maria.

Tonight is the night! A star-studded cast will take the stage to perform The Sound of Music Live on NBC at 8pm. We'll be watching and live-blogging the entire show:

10:58 pm: A truly stunning end to the show. The nuns sounded beautiful, and the falling snow -- so pretty! Nothing -- and no one -- will be perfect in a live performance, but we thought the brilliant singing voices made up for a lot of the little acting flaws. BRAVO.

10:54 pm: Oh Rolf, STILL wearing those shorts. Thank goodness for pillars, and planters, and clearly blind bad guys.

10:45 pm: Encore from the von Trapps? Ha, try a stealthy escape plan via song and dance!

10:38 pm: Maria saves the day -- changing her outfit in a matter of seconds to deliver the news that the von Trapp family will be performing in the concert. And they're singing. And BOOM they're on stage! What a fascinating set, would love to be able to walk through it.

10:34 pm: Yup, definitely a few flubbed lines there as the Nazis try to recruit the Captain. And did Max just mention "Storm Troopers"??

10:30 pm: Hmm. Carrie suspiciously looking (off camera) at something while saying those last few lines... cue cards?! Say it ain't so.

10:27 pm: Guys, Gretl and Marta might be psychic. They're sporting Patone's color of the year -- Orchid! Such stylish little girls.

10:18 pm: Yay, love at last! Um, wait WHAT are those bridesmaids dresses on the girls!? Also, this was the inspiration for the wedding dress. Didn't quite hit the mark, in our book...
10:09 pm: There's also apparently "no way to stop" Max's awful tan pinstriped suit. Blech. But Elsa is rocking that daring pink and red ensemble -- risky, but we like it!

10:00 pm: Is that the lights we just heard shutting off? #LiveTVwoes

9:56 pm: SOMEONE MAKE GRETL FEEL BETTER. Oh thank goodness, Maria's back! But that outfit... why does she look like a Pan Am stewardess?

9:52 pm: Yup.
9:50 pm: OMG Golden Globes promo with Tina and Amy. CAN'T WAIT.

9:45 pm: Maria admits that she's in love, and Carrie breaks out the water works. We have a few actor friends and know that it's not an easy task to cry on cue and make it believable. Now Mother Superior is singing one of the most beautiful songs of the show, "Climb Every Mountain," and McDonald is crushing it. If this performance was in a theater, there would soooo be a standing o.

9:35 pm: The kids say goodnight and Maria heads back to the Abbey, after smartie -- and startlingly perceptive -- Brigitta informs her that the Captain is in love with her. Don't go, you missed Kurt hit that crazy high note!

9:27 pm: It's party time! All of the kids look adorable in their party dresses and shorts suits. Ah, Kurt is such a cutie, dancing with Maria. She might not remember the dance perfectly but thankfully, Vampire Bill the Captain is there to help. (Annnnd cue irritated girlfriend on the steps.)

9:12 pm: Admit it, you have a favorite von Trapp child. Do you love Louisa's sass, or Liesl's bold ways? (Personally, this editor is #teamGretl)

9:07 pm: Our thoughts EXACTLY:
8:55 pm: Okay, we know the story, but seriously Liesl? Hiding under the bed along with your wee little siblings thanks to some thunder? Psh, amateur. And producers, please stop making Carrie jump around while singing such high notes. Seriously, she'll sleep well tonight!

The Sound of Music Live! - Season 2013Photo: Getty Images

8:51 pm: We're loving Carrie's nightgown and robe. Pretty stitching on the back and a flattering silhouette -- sure beats our typical pjs...

8:45 pm: ROLF. Those shorts! Hilarious. But everyone shhhh, this is our favorite song.

8:42 pm: Commercial break. Carrie's taking a breather, so we decided to peruse twitter for some reactions:
8:37 pm: Okay, we're hands-down most impressed with the littlest ones of the family. How adorable are Gretl and Marta?!

8:32 pm: Oh, Louisa. So sassy. Time for some "Do-Re-Mi" and dancing around the house. Ah, but this brings out a negative of live television: being out of breath, which our star appears to be!

8:29 pm: Can you imagine having a whistle assigned to you? Ha, no thanks.

8:24 pm:swoon - TrueBlood's Stephen Moyer as the Captain! He looks quite dapper in his uniform. We can't wait to see him singing, later in the show! Here's hoping Bill the Vampire doesn't make an appearance.

8:13 pm: Audra McDonald and Carrie singing "My Favorite Things" together is pretty epic. What do you think of Carrie's acting abilities so far? VOTE:

8:03 pm: There's Carrie! She makes a gorgeous Maria, singing "The Sound of Music."

Photo: Getty Images

8:00 pm: "What you're about to see hasn't been done in over 50 years." And so it begins! Who doesn't love a musical for your Thursday night?!

There's a certain thrill that comes with live performances (and extra nerves, we're sure, for the performers!) and live television means we'll see every facial expression and hear every sound. There's no large theater to separate the actors from the audience, so the pressure is on.

Stay tuned with us and get ready for a great show. In the meantime, check out some photos from the performance above!
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