Lingerie brand makes a statement: NO more retouching photos

aerie real campaign
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Lingerie brand makes a statement: NO more retouching photos
#aerieREAL campaign.
#aerieREAL campaign. 
#aerieREAL campaign. 

Aerie, the lingerie division of teen retailer American Eagle, is making a bold statement. In a world of magazines often filled with impossible ideals, they've decided to debut their newest campaign with real girls. For real -- as in, no photoshop, no retouching.

"We've left everything," expert Jenny Altman told Good Morning America, "We left beauty marks, we left tattoos, what you see is really what you get." With the campaign, #aerieREAL, the brand wants to show young women (their demographic is ages 15-21) the importance of embracing their own true beauty.

"Time to think real. Time to get real. No supermodels. No retouching. Because the real you is sexy." Aerie wants the young women shopping their products to see in advertisements online and in stores what they will actually look like should they buy the products. We can't commend the brand enough for reshaping an ideal for young women. It seems every month as the magazines come out there's a new controversy over an actress's face looking nothing like reality, or her body being altered in startling ways. It's refreshing and we expect will be extremely empowering for young girls everywhere.

Photo: aerie Facebook

In the new campaign, one girl shows off a tattoo on her torso while another has a few birthmarks that would likely have been removed with photoshop by other brands. You can tell they're proud of their bodies -- as they should be! -- and it feels to us like this is just one more incredible step in the direction of bucking traditional "ideals."

We know what we think of the #aerieReal campaigns... Girl Power. Click through the gallery above to see more photos!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of aerie
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