Like You've Never Seen Her Before: Kesha Stripped-Down for SELF

Kesha for Self
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Like You've Never Seen Her Before: Kesha Stripped-Down for SELF

Ke$ha for SELF.

Ke$ha for SELF.

Ke$ha for SELF.

Ke$ha for SELF.

Ke$ha for SELF.

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Ke$ha stripped down for SELF this month, showing off her natural beauty and rockin' bod. We're so used to seeing her over-the-top outfits and bold makeup (which we love!) on the red carpet that this magazine spread is like a fresh drink of water. The pop singer looked stunning and fit -- and tells all.

As someone who has a work hard, play hard attitude, Ke$ha is a take-no-prisoners kind of woman. The 26 year-old told SELF all about her workout routine (being on tour is pretty much a workout in itself!) and how she keeps fit and healthy while still managing to have fun.

She told the mag "the most important thing I've done is learn to laugh at myself, and I try to do that with any negativity coming at me, too. It's hilarious how mean some people get about my silly pop songs." We salute you, Ke$ha, because that's the best attitude anyone can have -- especially in Hollywood.

The July issue of SELF hits newsstands on Tuesday, July 25, 2013.

Click through the gallery above to see some snapshots of her spread for SELF, and click here to see the full photoshoot!

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Photo Credit: Dewey Nicks/SELF
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