7 times Leonardo DiCaprio was a celebrity hair icon

Leonardo DiCaprio
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7 times Leonardo DiCaprio was a celebrity hair icon
Talk about #TBT. Here's Leo (as we so fondly remember him) at the What's Eating Gilbert Grape premiere in 1993. 
An undated photo of Leo shows him with some unfortunate frosted blonde tips (and possibly straightened bangs, but that's another story). 
Channeling Gwen Stefani at the 1997 premiere of Titanic
Rocking a bit of sleeker look at the 2000 premiere of The Beach
Leo's signature style for most of the early 2000s was a long, slicked-back 'do. 
This look worn to to the 2014 Academy Awards is our favorite one yet. It's dapper, but still a little undone...kind of like Leo, come to think of it. 
We're really hoping this most recent look is just a phase. 

Leonardo DiCaprio turns 40 today. Wow! 40?! Really? That means Titanic premiered 17 years ago, which makes us feel, if not 40, pretty old within that context. While we can't always count on Leo to win an Oscar (someday, it WILL happen!), we can count on him to have an interesting, not always super-attractive hairstyle, no matter what phase of life he's in.

Currently, Leo is rocking the man-bun and a beard, which isn't our favorite look, but if anyone can pull it off, it's probably him. We decided to celebrate Leo's 40th birthday by looking back on some of his most iconic hairstyles over the years. Click through the gallery to see them all.
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