Learn how Alli Webb keeps her sanity

Ways to relax
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Learn how Alli Webb keeps her sanity

"I recently discovered this workout and can't believe the rapid changes in my body. It's not an easy workout by any means, but boy is that hour of suffering worth it. I highly, highly recommend it."

"Balancing my work and home life is a major challenge that I am always wrestling with. So I really cherish the time we spend together and try to make every moment count."

"I just finished Brain On Fire, which was one of the best books I've read... Right now, I am reading the Elizabeth Smart story, which is a tough read, but really puts things into perceptive."

"Weekly mani/pedi at the chicest nail spot in LA, Olive&June. Clean, hip and amazing - this is my go to nail salon."

"In the last few years I have really started to embrace the wonderful world of make-up and how much fun it can be! Blushington is my go to place for a full face of make-up or just a sleek cat eye."

"Everyone loves a great massage, but Thai massage kinda takes massage to the next level and incorporates amazing techniques and stretching that are unparalleled. There is a little place nestled in Costa Mesa that is a slice of heaven for me."


For guest editor Alli Webb, taking time for yourself is key to staying sane all while running a major business like Drybar. Whether it's spending time with her two boys or unwinding with a weekly mani/pedi, Alli knows that spending a few minutes everyday to think about herself will help her keep her personal sanity and balance.

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