Happy Birthday Lady Gaga! See the star's shocking style transformation

Lady Gaga's Style Transformation
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Happy Birthday Lady Gaga! See the star's shocking style transformation

August 2007

Gaga stepped onto the scene and wasn't afraid to bare it all!

May 2008

Lady Gaga poses in all black and lace tights with two of her dancers, all sporting sunglasses (one of Gaga's trademarks!).

August 2008

Gaga wears the same lace tights, this time paired with a red hooded leotard and oversized sunglasses.

January 2009

Yes, that's a bow made of her hair.  Posing like a bunny (we're not sure why?), Gaga is decked out in leather.

February 2009

Gaga wore an outfit resembling blue and white floral china to rehearsal for the Brit Awards in London.

March 2009

Gaga out and about in Hollywood, channeling a flight attendant with this jacket and scarf.

April 2009

Gaga chose a bra-baring jumpsuit with bold shoulders for the GRAMMY Celebration Concert Tour.

May 2009

Gaga rocks another leotard, this time with an extremely structured jacket -- and we don't mean its tailoring.

June 2009

Is Lady Gaga using her own hair as a skirt and these small purse-type pouches? We wouldn't put it past her!

August 2009

Clearly not a fan of pants, Gaga is spotted in Tokyo in another leotard, but this time with much longer (and pink/purple!) hair.

September 2009

This dress isn't exactly figure-flattering, but we doubt Gaga cares about that!

September 2009

There is way too much going on with this outfit, from the feathers to the Phantom of the Opera mask to the top hat - we don't know where to look!

November 2009

Truly embracing the "Monster" inside her, Gaga covers her face and part of her hair with black lace.

December 2009

Maybe not the look we'd go for when meeting the Queen of England, but clearly Gaga is exuding confidence!

January 2010

Talk. About. Bedazzled.  In head to toe sparkles (...literally), no one can deny that Gaga deserves major props for being able to walk in these shoes.  

February 2010

We haven't seen hair this high since Marie Antoinette! Gaga wore this tiered dress to the 2010 Brit Awards.

March 2010

Armed with bright yellow hair, Gaga literally wears lace from head to toe, adorned with a mask and a giant bow.

September 2010

You can see her gorgeous face here at the MTV Movie Awards, just don't be too distracted by those insane snakeskin heels!

October 2010

Gaga tried out a striped look in her hair (and in her dress!) as she left her hotel in London.

November 2010

Gaga looks great in this much more subdued (albeit hot pink) ensemble as she leaves a yoga class.

December 2010

Gaga chooses bold shoulders and old-school shades with this keyhole gown for a dinner out in Paris.

May 2011

Wearing some strategically placed pasties and some pretty crazy platforms, Gaga bares it all in this blue dress.

May 2011

There's lots going on with this outfit as Gaga visits David Letterman.

June 2011

Gaga switches up the hair color, and chooses a more fashion-forward dress for the CFDA Awards.

June 2011

In the midst of sporting every color of the rainbow to the leopard platforms, we couldn't help but notice the blue mesh gloves she's wearing!

July 2011

Gaga chooses black and white for a press conference in Taipei.

July 2011

The singer chose black and gold (for her outfit and hair) for this outfit.

August 2011

Wait, can she see out of those? When Gaga picks a pattern, she goes ALL out!

September 2011

We'd need to hold on too if we tried walking in those shoes...

September 2011

Gaga is carrying what looks like a book that reads "Mother Monster" as an accessory to this gold ensemble.

October 2011

In pastels from hair to heel, this sheer top makes us nervous that it could have been a wardrobe malfunction at any moment!

November 2011

All wrapped-up in gold, Gaga holds a "Bambi Award" in Germany.

February 2012

Now that can't be comfy.  Gaga wore mesh polka dots all over to the Grammy Awards, even attaching the fabric to a cane for added effect.

April 2012

There's that hair-as-a-garment thing, again. Except this time, the locks are purple!

May 2012

Her dress may be simple, but her hair certainly isn't! Check out all the different shades in there.

June 2012

Despite the scary-high shoes, we're loving the jacket Gaga chose for this look.

September 2012

Gaga embraced the bold packaging in her new perfume when putting this ensemble together.

September 2012

We can't help but wonder -- where does something like this even come from?!

October 2012

Gaga looks pretty in red while visiting Milan.

October 2012

Wearing little-to-no makeup, Gaga struts in an all black midriff-baring outfit in New York City.


The "Poker Face" singer never fails to shock us with what she's wearing, and we love that she isn't afraid to take risks. From wearing actual meat on her body, to arriving at the Grammy Awards in an egg, Gaga uses her spotlight to take music and fashion to the next level.

Born and raised in New York City, Gaga has been influenced by the likes of superstars Michael Jackson and David Bowie. She's known worldwide for her music, fashion and videos, and makes sure that her presence in the public eye makes a statement.

Click through the gallery above to see Lady Gaga's style transformation, you won't be disappointed!
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