Lady Gaga tells Harper's Bazaar 'At least I'm honest.' And yes, yes she is.

Lady Gaga Harper's Bazaar March 2014
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Lady Gaga tells Harper's Bazaar 'At least I'm honest.' And yes, yes she is.
Lady Gaga for Harper's Bazaar.
Lady Gaga for Harper's Bazaar.
Lady Gaga for Harper's Bazaar.
Harper's BAZAAR chose a rockstar for the cover of their March 2014 issue: Lady Gaga. Photos taken by Terry Richardson, they're every bit as edgy, cool and sexy as you'd expect.

We love her interview with Harper's because like Gaga, it's not very traditional. Filled with rapid-fire questions expected ("What was the first big musical moment in your life?") and unexpected ("Do you believe in ghosts?"), Gaga's answers are candid and honest.

When asked what people of the future will think about today's fashion, Gaga said: "I'm not sure. I imagine that there will be a revival of some of these aesthetics-the more bold ones. Those who have watered down themselves for "sale" might make money now, but they are shortchanging their legend. I always think to myself, How do I want to be remembered? I don't want to be remembered as anything but brave. The only good intention to make money is to help others. I want to be Oprah. I want to be Melinda Gates. If I ever sell products other than my talents, then it will be to give more to others."

She told BAZAAR that her home is "like a tiny jewel box, covered in rose-gold mirrors, with an oversize pink couch, an expensive vase, a white Marilyn piano, and a boudoir." And if you were wondering, yes, she believes in ghosts. "I have many old souls around me all the time." Her guilty pleasure? "Russian hookers and cheap gin. At least I'm honest."

Seriously, you have to read this interview!

The full interview and more unseen photos of Lady Gaga in Harper's BAZAAR

The March issue of Harper's hits newssttands on February 18th.

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