Kool-Aid Lip Stains and Other Unexpected DIY Summer Beauty Tips to Try

Kool-Aid Lip Stains and Other Unexpected DIY Summer Beauty Tips to Try
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Kool-Aid Lip Stains and Other Unexpected DIY Summer Beauty Tips to Try

Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid:

Thanks to its waxy nature, lipstick is possibly the melt-iest of all the makeup, thus making it a lousy option for long-term wear in the summer, not to mention horrible for carrying around in your beach bag all day. But if you can’t bear to give up your bright lips at the beach, LA-based makeup artist Nico Guilis, who’s worked on Dree Hemingway, Bar Rafeali and Poppy Delvingnehere’s, has a genius DIY tip for you: Try a Kool-Aid stain. Yes, really.

“The Kool-Aid stain is amazing because it has truly long lasting wear but is also inexpensive and a fun thing to try. Because it stains you don’t have to reapply,” Guilis told me. “It’s what women used to do in the 1950s–I love a good vintage trick.” (FYI, Kool-Aid was invented in the late 1920′s. Who knew?)

To get the look: You put a tiny amount of Kool-Aid powder (any of the reds or pink or orange…but be careful, it’s bright!) into a small cup. Put a tiny amount of water on your finger and rub the Kool-Aid on your lips, then use a Q-tip to clean up the outer area and rub it in. You can keep layering to make it darker.

Bonus: Instant beverage if you get thirsty!

Make That Blemish Channel Marilyn Monroe:

If you get a blemish in the summer–which is a common thing due to increased sweating, using more powder to stop that sweating, and buckets of sunscreen–your first inclination is probably to spackle that thing with concealer.

Makeup artist Robin Black, who is also a photographer and runs the gorgeous site Beautyisboring, has a more glamorous cover-up option for you.

“Let’s say, while getting ready for a pool or beach party, you notice an unwanted friend popping up on your cheek. Just reach for Chanel’s Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner in Espresso and color a small dot over the blemish,” Black said. “He or she–the sexy summer fling you will definitely meet that day–will be intrigued by your Marilynesque mole and slightly confused (you are mysterious and ever-changing) when it’s missing the next time you meet.”

There’s photographic evidence (above) that Marilyn moved her mole around, so you’re in good company. Disclaimer: This probably won’t work if the blemish is on the tip of your nose or the middle of your forehead.

DIY Lip Photoshop:

LA-based Aussie makeup artist Napoleon Perdis –who’s been in the business for almost 20 years and has two different makeup lines–has some pretty unique ideas about makeup. (Seriously. He totally blew my mind a few months ago when he said you should always apply mascara first.)

Tinted balms and sheer lipsticks are your friends in the summer, but Perdis had another idea for really perking up your pucker.

When you look at the natural color of your lips, you’ll notice that they have a specific skin tone in the middle and a lighter “halo” around the outside. That halo is what Perdis wants you to capitalize on and highlight in the summer. “Line your lips with a white liner and blend it in [to the center of your lips],” Perdis said. “Then tap some gloss on top of it. It’s divine. It’s instant Photoshop.”

I was skeptical but tried it with a white eye liner I had lying around and my go-to NARS Pillow Talk pink lip gloss and it looked fantastic–glowier and brighter. Plus the liner acted like a primer to keep the lip color on my lips longer. Just please don’t walk out of the house with just white lip liner on. It’s creepy.

Spritz It:

Face mists are the best way to stay cool and refresh your makeup, and MAC Senior Artist John Stapleton has a great recipe for a portable, multi-tasking, DIY skin refresher.

Mix a teaspoon of your favorite moisturizer with a cup of water and a dash of iridescent powder (like MAC’s Silver Dusk) into an atomizer. Shake and spray your face and body with the resulting, glowy moisturizing mist.

You can even keep it in the fridge so that it’s extra-cooling when you spritz–then toss it into your beach bag and go.

A word of advice: Do not accidentally pour your left-over Kool-Aid into the bottle instead of the iridescent powder.

DIY BB Cream:

If anyone was going to have clever DIY makeup ideas, we knew it would be the ladies at Benefit. Maggie & Annie Ford Danielson, Benefit’s Global Beauty Authorities, gave us a cool way to make your products multi-task.

Forget about all those commercial BB creams on the market: Make your own!

Just mix your sunscreen with your bronzing powder to make a cream that you can then put on lips, eyes, and cheeks. Instant makeup with sun protection, which is especially important on your lips. Everyone forgets to use sunscreen there. Potential ouch.


We've all heard the same old summer makeup tips: Wear less foundation, use waterproof mascara, don't use heavy moisturizers. But there has to be other ways to update and weatherproof your makeup for the sweaty season, right?

We picked the brains of our talented, creative makeup artist friends for some very unexpected summer beauty tips (Kool-Aid as a lip stain? Yep, that works). Best part? They're all DIY which means they're wallet friendly too.

Click through to learn some new beauty tricks for the summer and totally impress all your friends.

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