Kim Kardashian Covers DuJour In Her First Pregnant Photo Shoot

Kim Kardashian Covers DuJour In Her First Pregnant Photo Shoot
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Kim Kardashian Covers DuJour In Her First Pregnant Photo Shoot

Photo Credit: Bruce Weber/DuJour

Photo Credit: Bruce Weber/DuJour

Photo Credit: Bruce Weber/DuJour


DuJour, Jason Binn's new-ish lifestyle magazine for the ultra-rich, snagged a major cover star for its third issue. Not that the previous two covers stars, Christy Turlington and Nicole Kidman, were anything to sniff at–but love her or hate her, a Kim Kardashiankover cover is bound to getDuJour the most buzz.

And we've got the first look at the Bruce Weber-lensed cover and editorial. Weber was so taken with Kardashian–whom he said reminded him of Elizabeth Taylor–that the multi-page editorial became an 18-page portfolio.

So how (and why) did the new mag snag Kardashian for its cover? And was it hard to pull clothes for the reality star, as luxury brands reportedly like to distance themselves from all things Kardashian? We asked co-editor Keith Pollock.

How did you get Kim Kardashian?

Our CEO has a long-standing relationship with Kim. We knew from the beginning it was really about the pairing of Bruce Weber and Kim. We wanted to turn things on its head a little with what we had been doing; we liked the idea of doing a 180 and doing something completely different from Nicole [Kidman] to establish that what we're doing is not predictable.

In a recent story for Elle, Nicola Formichetti admitted that certain designers wouldn't lend him clothes for Kim Kardashian. He said it was "fashion snobbery." Did you encounter similar difficulties pulling clothes for this shoot?

Yeah. I think there's some hesitation to work with Kim just because she doesn't necessarily fit with most luxury brands' visions. Luckily with Bruce, we didn't try to create a fashion shoot. Formichetti was really trying to position her as a fashion force but we went the opposite way. It was about showing her in more a natural way. We went really minimal with makeup. There are very few fashion credits. In one shot she's wearing towels.

And despite the hesitation from these brands–she's still wearing Gucci and Chanel and Lanvin even if they're not lending it to her. She can buy them. So we thought, "Let's not make this a fashion story."

What was it like working with her?

She was completely open. 100% open from the very beginning. She allowed Bruce to do whatever he wanted. We explained to her that her glam squad wouldn't be there and she was completely on board without any slight pushback. Even if there were some things she was uncomfortable with, she tried. She didn't show up with a publicist or an entourage; she was not a diva in the slightest bit. She really played ball.

And what about her pregnancy–she was pregnant for this shoot, right?

She was pregnant. I believe it was her first post pregnancy announcement shoot. She wasn't really showing then. [The story was shot at Bruce Weber's Miami home in January.]

Head over to DuJour to read the full story and see the accompanying editorial–and click through to see a few more photos here.

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Photo Credit: Bruce Weber/DuJour

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