Keep Summer Vacation Memories Close To The Cuff!

Vacation Memory Cuff Step-by-Step
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Keep Summer Vacation Memories Close To The Cuff!
Select your special keepsake that will fit on top of your bracelet. It can be a shell, rock, gem or even a broken brooch. 
For the base of the bracelet, you’ll need a gold cuff. They can be found online for about $10. 
Secure the object on the center of the cuff with E6000 adhesive or your favorite craft glue. 
Wait. Allow the glue to set for about 30 minutes before handling again. 
Measure out three arm lengths of 26-gauge gold jewelry wire and cut. 
Underneath the keepsake, wrap the gold wire around the glue base securely about 6 times, ensuring that your loose end isn’t poking out. 
Now the fun part. In funky crisscross patterns, wrap the wire over the top and bottom of the object and cuff. 
For added style, you can change the direction midway through a pass by weaving the wire under, then over one of your earlier wraps.
Next, wrap the wire a few times under the keepsake and tie a tight knot before trimming any excess. To finish, just bend the end back toward the base so you don’t poke yourself. 

The best part about making your own boutique-worthy bracelet is that by adding a personal keepsake, you’re keeping your fondest memories alive.


A creative way to use any shells, cool rocks, or gems you've collected as keepsakes is to turn them into a statement piece of jewelry, like a bracelet. Turn your latest beachside souvenirs into a memory cuff that'll keep your summer fun alive even after the season. Make it boutique-worthy with hand touches and strong gold accents for a polished personal look. Erica Domesek gives us all the tips we need to pull off this look before summer ends!

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Turn A Summer Memory Into A Statement Piece

Turn A Summer Memory Into A Statement Piece
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