Happy birthday Katy! Katy Perry's candy-colored hair transformation

Katy Perry Style Transformation
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Happy birthday Katy! Katy Perry's candy-colored hair transformation

Wearing a bejeweled blue gown, Katy Perry steps out for the Grammys looking head over heels gorgeous.

Rocking pink hair, Katy Perry knows how to turn heads with a unique hairstyle.

Blue hair, don't care! With black shades and a relatively demure outfit, Katy packs a punch with her jolt of colorful hair.

A typical tight bun is too simple of a look for Katy Perry, and electric blue makes the singer stand out from the crowd.

Perry dons Little Bo Peep chic with a pink get-up and droopy black bowtie. A sparkly floral mani adorns the tips of her diamond-ladened fingers.

Perry opts for a more traditional look on the red carpet with black hair and her signature hint of purple.

Perry gives a sultry pose on the red carpet, showing off her purple-y 'do.

Perry goes with with a hunter green dress, a black leather jacket, and gold accent jewelry that give her outfit a much needed pop of spiciness.

Is that you, Katy Perry? The "Hot and Cold" singer lets her purple hair down and her dyed hair surprisingly complements her burgundy red lipstick for a bold yet cohesive look.

We'll say it: We prefer Katy Perry as a brunette! The songstress promoted "The Smurfs" with her light hair, but we miss her dark locks.
Always one to stun, Perry looks startlingly beautiful surrounded by her flowing jet black hair.

Katy flaunts her American pride with an unusual but truly Perry-like twist: blue hair.

Snakeskin sunglasses and diamond hoop earrings prove that Katy is the queen of choosing the perfect accessories.

Wearing a vintage-inspired dress, Perry commits one of fashion's biggest crimes: wearing sunglasses inside. But how can we be mad when she looks so adorable?

Supple pink lips round out Katy's electrifying outfit.

Katy Perry's inner right arm Sanskrit tattoo translates to "go with the flow."
Katy Perry twirls in a red dress and perfectly sums up her sense of style: sultry yet whimsical.

Happy birthday Katy! From "I Kissed a Girl" to "Firework," pop singer Katy Perry has remained our "Teenage Dream" with her happy-go-lucky sense of whimsical style that never fails to have a dash of potent sexiness. We're constantly taking inspiration from Katy's style. She turns 29 today.

The songstress always opts for a bold pop of color with her hair, whether it be electric blue, bleach blonde, or her signature dark black with a hint of glittery purple.

While some of us shy away from rocking bright colors in our daily lives, Perry isn't afraid to wear bright blue on the stage or the red carpet, living every day as if she's headlining her very own Katy-Cats music festival. We love that she'll match her dress to her hair (literally) and that she keeps it fun -- as though she's constantly "Waking Up in Vegas."

From blonde to brunette and from sultry to adorable, click through the gallery and check out pop sensation Katy Perry's candy-colored hair transformation.

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