Duchess Kate wears icy blue Jacquard McQueen to celebrate the Queen's birthday

Trooping the colour 2014 Kate Middleton
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Duchess Kate wears icy blue Jacquard McQueen to celebrate the Queen's birthday
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge arrive for the annual Trooping the Colour ceremony to celebrate the Queen's birthday. 
Prince Charles, Prince William and Princess Anne ride from Buckingham Palace ahead of Trooping the Colour.
Camilla, in a lovely pale pink suit, Kate in icy blue McQueen, and Prince Harry travel by carriage.
The Duke of Cambridge arrives for Trooping the Colour.
The woman of the hour arrives! Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh process down the Mall during Trooping the Colour.
Duchess Kate on the balcony during during Trooping the Colour parade. Kate is wearing a jacquard suit by none other than Alexander McQueen.
Sophie, Countess of Wessex and Camilla chat with Kate on the balcony during during Trooping the Colour.
Kate and William on the balcony during Trooping the Colour.
The Queen looked lovely in powder blue, waving from the balcony during her birthday celebration.
The royal family smiles and looks on from the balcony during Trooping the Colour parade.

Pretty standard: Price Harry makes Kate and William laugh during the parade.

Prince Harry and Duchess Kate share a joke on the balcony during during Trooping the Colour (is he talking into a "microphone" on his wrist?).
Duchess Kate chats to Estella Taylor and she stands next to her mother Lady Helen Taylor on the balcony.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge share a moment on the balcony.
How great to have a brother-in-law who ALWAYS keeps you laughing? 
The royals watch the flyover in celebration of the Queen's birthday.
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, Princess Eugenie, Queen Elizabeth II, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex and Prince Harry.
Prince Harry, Duchess Kate and Prince William on the balcony during Trooping the Colour.

Today in London was the annual Trooping the Colour parade to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's birthday. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, joined her husband Prince William and the rest of the royal family to take part in the parade and celebrate Her Majesty. Last year, our coverage was very excited coverage, as it was Duchess Kate's final appearance before little baby Prince George joined the world!

Today, Duchess Kate wore a stunning icy blue -- almost white! -- Jacquard coat and skirt by none other than Alexander McQueen, a new piece in her wardrobe. Her hat was designed by Jane Taylor to match the suit. The piece, which appears to be a modified, bespoke version of the silk-cotton Jacquard peplum jacket, is absolutely stunning, perfect for today's event.

The Queen was dressed in a powder blue satin dress, coat and hat with navy blue trim, designed by her dressmaker Angela Kelly. Duchess Camilla was in light peach, and Sophie, Countess of Wessex wore a lovely cream dress with lace overlay. All of the royal women dressed in beautiful pastels, and we can't help but wonder if this was planned! (More than likely.)

Always the jokester, newly single Prince Harry kept the royals laughing the whole time they were on the balcony. He and Kate seem to have so much fun together -- how wonderful to have a brother-in-law who is so much fun? Harry also had Prince Philip and the Queen in stitches at one point.

Unfortunately for the hopeful among us, baby George was not in attendance! It had been reported that while it wasn't very likely, it would come down to how William and Kate were feeling this morning, whether they would bring him along. If you recall, William attended his first trooping just before the age of 2, and Harry attended when he had just turned one.

Now, you may be asking, "but isn't the Queen's birthday in April?" You're right, but it's tradition to celebrate the sovereign's birthday publicly on a bright, sunny day in June, when the weather is bound to be lovely. And today was just that kind of day. Happy birthday, Queen Elizabeth! Here's to many many more.

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